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ρσѕт-мόδεгп {EMC} 2013年4月10日 9時27分
Warning about creating a Back-Up of Demolition, Inc.
I back up each game I have on Steam so I don't have to redownload it.

That said, I have encountered an error when you make a back up of this game.

After backing up via steam's program, it gives you an empty folder titled 'Demolition, Inc', with nothing inside.

The real problem is, it's UNDELETABLE. You are given the 'Could not find file' error. I tried this twice, one on my desktop and another on my external drive, both with the same result (and two stupid folders that won't delete).

Take this as a warning, and a call for help. :P Now I can't get rid of the folders. I tried chkdsk, putting stuff in the folder, etc, I'm not having any luck atm.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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Eyes 2013年4月12日 5時56分 

Sorry to hear you had this problem, post-modern. However, the game doesn't handle any of this backing up process - it's all done by steam. I'd recommend you contact steam support for help with this issue.

Good luck!
Schnurri 2013年4月18日 10時45分 
Hi, I had problems like this frequently. It's windows fault, it can't handle special characters in filenames. Unbelievable, but this is not a joke. You can try to delete files like that with a command prompt, i even use cygwin (a unix shell for windows, so to say) for those problems. Maybe a third party file browser will work, too?
ąğąṁęṁņōņ 2013年4月22日 7時34分 
I've the same problem... If you find a solution it would be great :)
Schnurri 2013年4月22日 12時26分 
Okay I'll try to give a tutorial:

- open up a command promt (click on the windows logo, type in "cmd", start the "cmd.exe" (assuming win 7))
- Now type in the letter of the disk on which you stored the backup (in most cases, this will be simply C), followed by a doublepoint, (for example, in my case type "E:"). Hit Enter (like after any commands in the following instructions)
- Now type "cd" followed by the complete path to your backup folder. Example: In my case i'd type "cd E:\Steam\Backups".
- You should now be in the right folder. Type "dir /x" to list all files in the directory. The "/x" will also show the old MS-DOS filename, which we want to know. In one line of the output you will most likely find the words "DEMOLI~1" followed by "Demolition, Inc.". Therefore, the MS-DOS filename of the folder is "DEMOLI~1".
- Now type "rmdir /s DEMOLI~1" (or replace the filname by the name you've found). The "/s" is required to delete all subfolders and files of the folder "Demolition, Inc.".

I hope this works! (It did for me, checked it right now). If you're having problems, just write again.
ρσѕт-мόδεгп {EMC} 2013年4月22日 15時02分 
Your solution worked like a charm, so it'd be better to rename it before backing it up. Thank you!
最近の変更はρσѕт-мόδεгп {EMC}が行いました; 2013年4月22日 15時02分
ąğąṁęṁņōņ 2013年4月23日 0時01分 
Works Thank you!
Eyes 2013年4月23日 1時27分 
Thanks for all your investigating guys! It does appear there's an issue with the game, so I'll send this to Valve and see what they say.
semper_H 2013年5月20日 8時52分 
Somehow this doesn't work for me this time. Can't rename it either. Anybody another idea?
Schnurri 2013年5月20日 9時28分 
Maybe you can try to delete the "backup" folder which contains the domolition, inc folder? (If that works, don't forget to create an empty folder "backup" again)
For the really nasty filesystem issues, i use linux but i guess you don't have a multi-os environment?
semper_H 2013年5月20日 14時47分 
i have Linux somerwhere on a USB-Drive, but deleting of "Backups" worked somehow.
\\Twn// FredshNBloodz 2013年6月20日 9時45分 
Thanks for these mysticals informations.Worked for me too
Ryuu-kun 2013年6月20日 10時02分 
mkdir \\?\C:\prn
rmdir \\?\C:\prn
Easy to prank, this way you can create any other normally unallowed folder name.
最近の変更はRyuu-kunが行いました; 2013年6月20日 10時03分
Solanum nigrum 2月11日 13時40分 
Get my Solution here:
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