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Integer Divide-By-Zero - Game Startup Crash [SOLVED]
^ The thread title is the message the log gives, not sure if its relevant or not.

Bought this game way back at release, played through it, all was good.

Re-downloaded last night, after Steam alerted me to its update with Steam Workshop integration.

Went to launch it, goes to a black screen then an error box.

Log started on Wed Apr 10 15:14:22 2013

*** Exception: Integer Divide-by-Zero at 0x6953dba8 ***

--- Registers ---
EAX = 0003c000
EBX = 0c318180
ECX = 00000280
EDX = 00000000
EBP = 0018f07c
CS:EIP = 0023:6953dba8
SS:ESP = 002b:0018ef30
DS:ESI = 002b:0be74b08
ES:EDI = 002b:00000180
FS = 0053
GS = 002b
Eflags = 00010246

--- FP/MMX Registers ---
ST0 = 0.000000e+000
ST1 = 7.500000e+000
ST2 = 1.000000e+000
ST3 = 0.000000e+000
ST4 = 2.300000e+001
ST5 = 1.000000e+000
ST6 = 2.500000e-001
ST7 = 3.307100e+004
MM0 = 0000000000000000
MM1 = f000000000000000
MM2 = 8000000000000000
MM3 = 0000000000000000
MM4 = b800000000000000
MM5 = 8000000000000000
MM6 = 8000000000000000
MM7 = 812f000000000000

--- Disassembly ---
6953db20: mov esi, [ebp+10]
6953db23: mov eax, [eax]
6953db25: mov esi, [esi+6c]
6953db28: push edi
6953db29: push dword ptr [esi+34]
6953db2c: mov [esp+10], eax
6953db30: push dword ptr [esi+30]
6953db33: mov dword ptr [esp+20], 00000000
6953db3b: push 00
6953db3d: push dword ptr [esi+38]
6953db40: call 695c32b0
6953db45: or eax, edx
6953db47: jnz 6953db6e
6953db49: mov eax, [ebp+24]
6953db4c: mov dword ptr [eax], 00000000
6953db52: mov eax, [ebp+28]
6953db55: mov dword ptr [eax], 00000000
6953db5b: mov eax, [ebp+20]
6953db5e: mov dword ptr [eax], 00000000
6953db64: xor eax, eax
6953db66: pop edi
6953db67: pop esi
6953db68: mov esp, ebp
6953db6a: pop ebp
6953db6b: ret 002c
6953db6e: mov eax, [esi+24]
6953db71: mov ecx, [esi]
6953db73: mov edi, [esi+08]
6953db76: mov [esp+28], eax
6953db7a: mov eax, [esi+28]
6953db7d: mov esi, [ebp+0c]
6953db80: mov [esp+1c], ecx
6953db84: mov [esp+20], eax
6953db88: cmp esi, 03
6953db8b: ja 6953e17c
6953db91: jmp dword ptr [esi*4+6953e270]
6953db98: mov esi, [ebp+08]
6953db9b: mov eax, edi
6953db9d: imul eax, ecx
6953dba0: add esi, 000004f0
6953dba6: xor edx, edx
6953dba8: div eax, dword ptr [esi] <---
6953dbaa: mov [esp+10], esi
6953dbae: mov [esp+2c], eax
6953dbb2: cmp eax, 00080000
6953dbb7: ja 6953dbc0
6953dbb9: mov esi, 00000008
6953dbbe: jmp 6953dbe4
6953dbc0: cmp ecx, 00000200
6953dbc6: ja 6953dbcf
6953dbc8: mov esi, 00001108
6953dbcd: jmp 6953dbe4
6953dbcf: mov edx, 00000400
6953dbd4: cmp edx, ecx
6953dbd6: sbb esi, esi
6953dbd8: and esi, fffff800
6953dbde: add esi, 00000908
6953dbe4: cmp eax, 00040000
6953dbe9: ja 6953dbf3
6953dbeb: and esi, fd
6953dbee: or esi, 01
6953dbf1: jmp 6953dc05
6953dbf3: cmp eax, 00080000
6953dbf8: ja 6953dbff
6953dbfa: or esi, 03
6953dbfd: jmp 6953dc05
6953dbff: and esi, fe
6953dc02: or esi, 02
6953dc05: cmp dword ptr [ebp+0c], 03
6953dc09: jnz 6953dc0e
6953dc0b: and esi, fe
6953dc0e: push 30
6953dc10: xorps xmm0, xmm0
6953dc13: lea eax, [esp+bc]
6953dc1a: push 00
6953dc1c: push eax
6953dc1d: db 0f
6953dc1f: jg 6953dc21

Theres my crash dump.

Things I have tried so far:

Downloading and installing OpenAL

Installing OpenAL from the extras folder in steamapps/common/demolition inc

Reinstalling Physx

Running as admin

Running in XP compatibility

Disabling my 2nd monitor

Disabling Crossfire and my 2nd monitor

Copying over my old Config File from a backup I had (I don't think the game even starts to read the config file, as it wont create its own)

All of the other "fixes" I've seen listed around have been of no use.

MY system specs:

i5 2500k @ 4.6ghz
P67 Sabretooth
8gb DDR3
2x 7950 in Crossfire @ 1000mhz

Running Windows 7 x64, with all available updates installed.

I'm out of ideas and the few hours I spent searching the net today have given me nothing.

Need help ASAP.


*EDIT* Forgot to mention, I've also verified the cache and have removed and re-downloaded the game from scratch, no change.
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Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game. Thanks for the very detailed report though!

One thing I could suggest is deleting your local profile (save data):
Go to MyDocuments and rename the DemolitionInc folder something like DemolitionInc_backup.
Then go to your steam folder (normally c:\program files\steam\) then go to userdata. You'll probably see a list of folders with numbers, one for each steam profile. Look in each one until you find another folder called '98600'. This is your steam cloud stored version of your savegame. So for example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[userID]\98600\remote

Look for the file called profiles.xml, and rename it to profiles_backup.xml.

Then try and run the game. It won't be able to find your profiles, so will prompt you to create a new one.

If this fixes the problem, please zip up the DemolitionInc_backup folder that is in your MyDocuments, and email it to

Hi Eyes,

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately your suggestion did not work, still crashes with the same error.

Have my crash logs helped at all?

Seems my issue was stemming from use of the AMD Cat 13.3 Beta 3 drivers. All working now.
That's great news, h.IV. We'll take a look at these drivers ourselves and see what we can do anyhow.
So...I tested those beta drivers myself, and everything runs fine my end. Very strange. Let me know if you have any other problems.
I may have just needed to reinstall them, just out of curiosity, are you running a 7xxx series card?
I'm afraid not. Being a small company we don't have access to all the hardware, so rely on you guys a bit to help out :) Let us know if you run into any other problems!
Running the Catalyst 13.4 WHQL drivers which were leaked today, but not officially up on AMD yet and no issues. My guess is it was either a bug with a 7xxx card and the 13.3 beta 3s, or just a weird driver bug that uninstalling and reinstalling fixed, regardless of version.
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