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iddqd 2014年5月17日 14時21分
Any way to unlock all levels?

so I really enjoy this game, but hate the fact that you need to acquire a certain amount of stars before being able to play the next levels. So I though I'd ask here if somebody knows a way to unlock all levels w/o being needed to 3-star every level beforehand.

Thanks in advance!
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Jepp 2014年5月17日 16時55分 
I don't think there's a way to unlock levels besides with the stars, but the number of stars you need to unlock them is not huge. You can unlock levels even without completing all levels in the previous city.
So basically, if there is a way, I've never heard of it.
JBro™ 2014年10月7日 19時12分 
Every level is darn easy to pass with 1 star, most easy for 3 star... its not really a problem if you ask me
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