Codename: Panzers - Cold War

Codename: Panzers - Cold War

JigSaw Oct 29, 2012 @ 4:16am
Insufficient privileges ?
"You must be adminstrator when you run this application for the firs time"

It say... well I have played this game before... any tips ?
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borisdjurdjevic44 Nov 10, 2012 @ 10:28am 
i have same problem????
I have the same problem...♥♥♥♥kk
JigSaw Nov 10, 2012 @ 4:19pm 
its crap.. havent got any respond yet
Eastwind Nov 15, 2012 @ 6:13pm 
I have exactly the same problem which is from Tages driver of some kind not compatible with windows 7 64-bit. Any suggestion ? please help, would be much apperciated.

I just find this post on microsoft's gaming under windows 7 forum. It works for me.


PaulMuad'Dib asked on

Codename: Panzers - Cold War

Well, I have installed the game and it works perfectly under W7 Ultimate Pro For those who have compatibility issues need to download drivers Tag, and use the compatibility troubleshooter.



the new drivers version is at

Hope this help.
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Where exactly is the DL for the new driver?!
coachochs Dec 23, 2012 @ 7:12pm 
Had same Problem. Install Tages drivers from web sight. Windows 7 will not run these drivers. Once you install drivers from website will run perfectly. Just put Tages drivers in the search bar and you will find the proper install for windows 7.
coachochs Dec 23, 2012 @ 7:19pm will work for windows 7.
JonnyBravo Dec 26, 2012 @ 9:33pm 
i have the same admin problem and the website does not open. Not in firefox, explorer or chrome.
i downloaded RftB and it worked well, now i downloaded panzers and it gives me problems.
Right click "execute as admin" does not help.
Tagesprotection website does not open.
I just think it is a shame and to be honest absolute bull, that Steam offers games, that are not working
and you have to download some crazy software to make them - maybe- run.
And about these, you even have to find out yourself.

This was the last time i downloaded anything on steam.
50% chance that the game is running??
... there i have better chances buying the games on the street!

Sorry steam, but first, you should make the useres aware, that there are problems BEFORE buying the game and then, you should offer -at least- the download to make it work!

absolute bull...
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Go to the Tages website and download the latest driver, depending on your OS. Run them as admin if needed.
here's the link to their website. Select "drivers" at the menu. (on top of the screen)
Zaramord Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:20am 
Non parte nemmeno eseguendolo cone amministratore, con supreme commander avevo risolto settandolo compatibile con windows vista sp2 ma con questo non và
Opt_0™ Apr 1, 2014 @ 11:24pm 
I just did all this stuff with the "tages" got into the game, and it wont even run right. The graphics are al meesed up and you truly can't see anything. My comp has had no problem running any of my other games. Hoping for a patchy.
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