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How to Optimize your Gaming Experience (Hard Reset)
przez Guides for Games [Catherine]
Can't get into the game genre? Having a hard time keeping up with the pace? Here is a FAQ-style guide to answer your legitimate Hard Reset questions! Answers to questions on software, DLC and on gameplay troubleshooting --->External resources also pro...
Hard Reset: Guide to all achievements [RU]
przez DarkNeSS
Добро пожаловать в гайд по достижениям для игры Hard Reset. В этом руководстве я расскажу вам, как получить то или иное достижение, дабы вы не мая...
All secrets and N.A.N.O.s
przez WinuX
This guide contains all secrets and all of the N.A.N.O.s for both the base game, and the Exile DLC, as far as we know. Credit goes to ThePonz and inspiral66 for helping out with three pieces of missing N.A.N.O.s. Some of the secrets in Exile...
Достижения Enraged/Воплощение гнева и Extermination/Истребление
przez GameOver
В этом руководстве я покажу как наиболее просто получить достижения Enraged/Воплощение гнева и Extermination/Истребление....
Hard Reset - All Secrets & N.A.N.Os (Videos)
przez Plasma SKX
Welcome To Hard Reset Today i will show you where to find all secrets & N.A.N.O By Video. If you dont like videos i will send you a link to a Perfectly Written Text Guide Things you need to no: 1. If you die after picking up collectibles you wil...