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Luna 2013년 2월 24일 오전 11시 48분
[GUIDE] - How to fix black screen followed by crash. [Updated]
Firstly virify the integrity of your game cache.
Open Steam, open your games library, right-click Toy Soldiers, select 'Properties.'
Select the 'Local Files' tab then click 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache.'

Navigate to
32-Bit Windows <Drive>:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\toy soldiers\support
64-Bit Windows <Drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\toy soldiers\support

( <Drive> is the harddrive on which you installed steam. )

Right-click and run these files as Administrator:
2010_vcredist_x86 - Select 'Repair' if prompted.
Open the 'DirectX' folder and run 'DXSETUP.'

Right-click 'GameSW' in "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\toy soldiers" select 'Properties.'
Now select 'Compatibility' and tick 'Run as Administrator.'
Do the same with 'Game.'
Then do this with 'Steam' located in the "...\Steam\" folder.

If using Windows XP:
Press the Windows Key + R
Type 'Regedit' without quotes.
Right-click the 'Valve' folder and select 'Permissions.'
Check that 'Administrator' and 'SYSTEM' have 'Full Control Ticked.'


You should now be able to run and enjoy the game.

Happy playing.
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Labargoth 2013년 2월 24일 오후 1시 12분 
Sadly it dosen't work.
Watercrake 2013년 2월 24일 오후 1시 48분 
Didn't work.
mcote4270 2013년 2월 24일 오후 7시 07분 
When you say

"Then do this with 'Steam' located in the "...\Steam\" folder.'

What is the file path? I dont have a steam file in \toysoldiers
eYEz4Ck 2013년 2월 25일 오전 1시 13분 
didnt work. thanks anyway...
LUMPY CUSTARD 2013년 2월 25일 오전 2시 25분 
I got to common but toy soldiers file is not there
Luna 2013년 2월 25일 오후 3시 08분 
mcote4270님이 먼저 게시:
When you say

"Then do this with 'Steam' located in the "...\Steam\" folder.'

What is the file path? I dont have a steam file in \toysoldiers

Here: <Drive>:\Program Files\Steam
or <Drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
Luna 2013년 2월 25일 오후 3시 09분 
I got to common but toy soldiers file is not there

This usually means you need to install the game.
mcote4270 2013년 2월 25일 오후 4시 53분 
Thanks for the help Luna. Still didnt work tho.
ace,s~high 2013년 3월 3일 오후 9시 10분 
OK, had a bit of a time finding it, but after adding yet more info about my WL account, it then let me activate the key and then it dowloaded and installed yet more updates.. but now the game is working!! Thanks, Zoreslav, very much. I guess no one else here knew how to do that? There was no info on Steam about it either. This is something that needs to be fixed, or at least, pointed out to people trying to install the game.. maybe a sticky about itActivate the key need through the site Windows Live

Baphomet_0 2013년 3월 3일 오후 9시 15분 
Strange... it says it's not a valid code.
TheTaxman 2013년 3월 24일 오후 2시 15분 
I want to get this game but I am afraid this will happen to me.
alpharecon1 2013년 5월 25일 오전 9시 55분 
Happened to me as well, Have had this game for a while now and still cant get it to work
Bahaumaut 2013년 5월 31일 오후 9시 15분 
Had this issue as well. Decided to upgrade my laptop's video drivers (Intel HD 3000). That, and likely a reboot after having manually tried to run the support installs, seemed to do the trick. See if your video drivers need updating. May not work, but couldn't hurt.
Warbringer57 2013년 10월 2일 오후 3시 38분 
How the hell do I install this cause I don't know how to put in the code or whatever
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