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obliky 2013. jan. 9. @ de. 4:57
No GFWL? But that's what I paid for!
I troll you not, one of the reasons I purchased Toy Soldiers via Steam was GFWL. I popped a few achievements as well. I upgraded my computer recently and have had to download my games again... Except this one, I think I'll have to buy it again at

I know this runs contrary to most complaints about the game and probably solves them, but I feel ripped off. Is this the sort of thing I can get store credit for?
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obliky 2013. jan. 9. @ de. 4:59 
Oh, it appears I have an option?? I guess I better D/L and see...
Gypsy Wheeler™ 2013. jan. 10. @ du. 8:22 
Refunds are a one time only thing, so I'd maybe just forget about it and keep the game, in case you need that refund later down the road on something $50+.
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