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As of 12/20/2012-1/5/2013 Sale, DO BUY TOY SOLDERS
why because it loads of fun!

and at $4.99 it is dirt cheap bargain, i'm so happy i ignored the noise and picked it up, i made this post so folks will not miss out on the sale!

plus it runs, looks and sounds great!

and for all those concerned, this game does not require GFWL at all! it uses SteamWork without any problems!

the only thing that i don't like is the default keyboard mappings, but i can use free open source autohotkey utility to map array keys to wasd.

Once the autohotkey is installed, just right click the tray icon and choose "edit script". Here is the code you can use for Toy Soldiers:

#IfWinActive Toy Soldiers

here is my hardware
amd 1090t (6 3.4 ghz cores)
amd 890 chipset
16gb ddr3 1333mhz
ati 6870 1gb
128gb ssd system
2tb 7200 rpm sata 3 programs
2tb 7200 rpm sata 3 users
windows 8 64-bit (windows 8 sucks)
microsoft antivirus
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Toy Soldiers > General Discussions > Topic Details