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Rocket Launcher guide (Updated)
by firefox
Comprehensive guide for Rocket Launcher. Now with contextual Screenshots and new strategies section....
Principles of Combat
by Jacked
This is from the wiki, but as no one has made a guide (oddly) and this is the best I've seen I'm putting it here. From
Frozen Synapse入门指南
by Thomas_杨
本指南包括新手教程的流程和游戏界面的介绍,专为Steam上的中国玩家了解本游戏而创作 :D 原文发表于百度steam吧--> Frozen Synapse入门教程攻略 This guide, includi...
Basic Combat Mechanics Video Tutorial
by eycilj
Tutorial video covering the basics of direct fire combat in Frozen Synapse. Introduces the time-to-kill mechanic and illustrates the factors affecting combat through a series of 1 v 1 encounters. Playing the in-game tutorial first is recommended. Fo...
by maitake
The "Bloody Obvious Guide" to Frozen Synapse
by kschang77
The "Bloody Obvious Guide on Frozen Synapse" covers tactical combat, and covers such issues as when to move where and so on, as well as stance, most fast vs. slow, and so on....
Frozen Synapse - How to sow destruction for begginers
by Esavier
Are you afraid of tutorial button in game menu? Its ok, not everyone completed it ( although there is achievment for that)... So, here is pretty basic knowledge, about how to keep your squad alive!...
Коллекционер значков Frozen Synapse
by bi0nik
Это небольшое руководство позволит составить представление о внешнем виде значков из набора Frozen Synapse ....
Using custom maps
by smoke11
How use custom maps and where to find them....