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Slowhand 14 окт, 2012 в 12:38
Active Matches disappeared ?
I took a break of 3 weeks from FS. I recured today and just experienced that any active match has vanished from my list of games in online mode (have been aprox. 10-15 matches). Is there any change, issue that would have lead to that case or are active matches deleted automatically after a period of time?
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Maetco 14 ноя, 2012 в 10:40 
There at least used to be a two week rule (if no turns are committed in two weeks the game is removed from the server) but it has been reported not to work so I'm not sure. It's also possible that the games have just been removed from your kind of a quick list. If you go to your own account page and see active games they might be there too.
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