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microch 2013年3月8日 12時24分
I just bought the "Complete" package here on Steam, but I can't seem to activate the Red DLC with the activation key provided by Steam. I also can't find where the soundtrack is supposed t be downloaded. Any help would be appreciated much.
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Maetco 2013年3月9日 6時42分 
The soundtrack should be in steam-steamapps-common-frozen synapse-soundtrack

Can't help with the activation though. I you're sure you bought it and are trying to activate it properly then I suggerst contacting Steam staff about them providing you a non-functional key.
James  [開発者] 2013年3月15日 10時12分 
If you bought the DLC through Steam then just running the game and logging in will activate it. If you bought the DLC outside of Steam then you need to click on 'Activate DLC' on the main menu once you've logged in and enter the code in the box that appears.
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