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-ISIS- Lana Kane 2013年3月27日 17時40分
New unit move - Vaulting?!
New to the game and I freaking love it. I don't know how much, if any, additional support this game gets from the dev's but one thing that would be really cool would be if a unit could vault over the low points. You know, the light blue areas that you can crouch behind. This could be nerfed by making the vault move the only thing the unit can do for its entire turn. No engagement before/after it vaults over. The idea may fall on deaf ears but I figured I'd voice it. Truly love this game and I've pursuaded my friends to play it as well.

Btw, this idea came to me but I didn't think much of it until the map spawned one of my units in an enclosed room with no doorway. He could not go anywhere. Regardless of issues such as that, I think it would tactically be a fun implementation.
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Maetco 2013年3月28日 0時28分 
I have never seen a map where a unit couldn't exit the "spawn-point" but regardless this would be a nice addition. The vaulting could be like crouching/standing up but the increase in kill-time would be longer than 0,5 sec.

But unfortunately, this or any other completely new features most probably will never be implemented anymore. The support pretty much dropped to zero last year. Now they are finishing the iPad version of FS and developing their new game Frozen Endzone. I really hope they come back to improving FS after the iPad version is launched. The thing everyone are waiting for is MP with more than 2 players (eg 2 vs 2, 1vs1vs1, etc) which was talked about before RED.
-ISIS- Lana Kane 2013年3月28日 12時36分 
Yes that would be nice. And yes I had a guy who spawned in a room with four "windows" but no way out, pretty crazy. You say iPad version, does that mean no plans for Android?
Maetco 2013年3月28日 23時10分 
They have said that if the iPad version is a success (sells well) then an Android version will most likely be made as well.
最近の変更はMaetcoが行いました; 2013年3月29日 2時36分
Maetco 2013年4月3日 21時52分 
Ok, now it's official. There will be an Android version too.
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