VeToMiNaToR 2013年7月20日上午7:57
Is anyone still playing this game!? (planning to buy it)
Is there still anybody playing this game on Multiplayer!? Im interested In buying this game since Its the most Realistic Moderd Warfare RTS game out there.
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kazaric 2013年7月20日上午8:09 
The biggest problem of this game is that it's an abandonware and there are many problems when playing with more than 2gb of ram, it's an amazing game but you must make sure you can play it, try getting searching for demo in google for the demo version first, there are work arounds for the start up errors but it can't all of them.

And also Steam version is unpatched so you can't play multiplayer with it, you will have to seek for some third party LAN solutions if you wish to play with friends.
VeToMiNaToR 2013年7月20日上午8:11 
aawww... It still has that problem with RAM where u have to restart Ur PC each time before play, pffff... Its annoying, guess I will have to wait for the new C&C Generals 2 then.
kazaric 2013年7月20日上午8:15 
There is a fix for it, it fixes 90% of the people's games, but there is a small group of people who still run into errors after the fix and there's no workaround for it, so basically they are SOL.
that's why you should try the demo first with the fix before making any investments.
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