Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
Anonlun | #Indect 2012년 10월 18일 오전 10시 39분
Probleme rejoindre amis
Bonjour, il met impossible de rejoindre mon ami quand je cree la parti ou qu'il la cree. Par contre on peux se rejoindre sur autre parti cree par quelqu'un d'autre.

Message d'erreur: Un joueur a quitter.
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Anonlun | #Indect 2012년 10월 18일 오전 10시 49분 
Problem joining friends
Hello, it is impossible to reach my friend when I created the party or that he created. As against this, can meet on another party created by someone else.

Error Message: A player has to leave.
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