Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

Calculon 2012年9月20日 13時52分
Lost all progress upon DLC purchase/install.
Is this just a scam to get us to buy the deck unlocks? I might be done with the game series as I don't want to start from zero for trying to support them. I haven't seen any fixes in any other posts as of yet unless you magically knew to backup beforehand.
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Zyke 2012年9月20日 14時11分 
Yep, pretty much complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ tbh.
BadassKOF 2012年9月20日 14時51分 
I also lost all progress after getting the expansion... please fix this!
super_pet 2012年9月20日 15時21分 
uh well just installed the DLC now and I lost EVERYTHING, I had everything unlocked AND the deck trimmed this is just BS, I hope something is done right away seriously that's just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off considering how long it was to unlock all those decks and the time spent clearing them.. I don't know what happened I bought the DLC then it said the game need to be recompiled or something then it says it needs to download something (900mb or so) and there you go all LOST
Legion 2012年9月20日 15時41分 
I lost progress after I finished unlocking one of the new decks. Just re-unlocked all, except the last card. I keep unlocking it and it keeps dissapearing.
={cXn}= Añțȋ£√ȋl 2012年9月20日 16時21分 
No issues here after purchasing the exp.
juanpeek 2012年9月20日 17時08分 
i lost all the campaing data too...
最近の変更はjuanpeekが行いました; 2012年9月20日 17時08分
Nebula 2012年9月20日 17時10分 
I lost all my decks before the expansion...
Mental 2012年9月20日 17時37分 
Everything works fine with exp. no loses. :O)
coyote_craft 2012年9月20日 17時38分 
When I played the demo and "unlocked" everything by buying the game, it didn't unlock content it downloaded and installed the game all over again. Erasing all the progress I made in the demo. The full-game download was the same size as the demo download. The content must have been on there and I think it really was indented to simply unlock the content.

If the content is really "locked", in the game files but not acceseble then it shouldn't be called DLC. You arn't downloading anything. It has to be in the game already to play against someone who has it, right?
Arcanis 2012年9月20日 19時51分 
I lost all my progress too. Holy ♥♥♥♥, how can you create a game but don't be able to protect saves ? I'm clueless.
Brando_Calrissian 2012年9月20日 19時59分 
mine works fine, i wonder whats going on
Varen 2012年9月21日 3時42分 
lost all my campaign progress and deck unlocks, not even going to think about buying the expansion
Calculon 2012年9月21日 3時45分 
Yep,still no response that I can see. I'm done with this game until then.
Bowdy 2012年9月21日 4時06分 
I can't believe there are still idiots (see: everyone who has lost progress) who install updates/expansions without backing up their game data.

It's due to a Steam Cloud sync issue that happens occasionally, where the user is an idiot and makes the mistake of using Steam Cloud data over Local Data. If you don't know how to backup data or how to potentially fix the issue you're experiencing, now would be a good time to get familiar with Google and Steam's forums.
Mirodir 2012年9月21日 4時31分 
Happened to me too...and steam NEVER even asked me if I want to overwrite with the save-files from the cloud.
All it did was telling me it'd need to download some new files after I purchased the DLC.
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