Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice

Sigve 2013年1月11日下午3:49
People still playing?
I would love to start playing again.
But are there people still playing this game? It seems kinda empty all the time.

We could always find a time where we meet ingame or something(?). What does the people think?
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Rainbow Dash 2013年1月13日上午2:09 
None.. just met 1 player today and he didn't played for long. I am still lv 10 within 35 hours (campain cleared) and can't even level/rank up because of that..
tashadan 2013年1月13日上午4:51 
well you can find more players at 20:00 cet or later but dont expect full servers
which is really sad cause the game is pretty good
tashadan 2013年1月13日上午4:52 
and yes we should set up a time were we all meet to play
maybe we should open an irc channel?
Sigve 2013年1月13日上午5:02 
I actually think that would be an great idea. Setting up a time where we all can play.

And for the irc channel, I think thats a pretty decent idea aswell, I just don't have much experience with irc... sooo, I don't know how to set up a channel, haha
最后由 Sigve 编辑于; 2013年1月13日上午5:02
Rainbow Dash 2013年1月13日上午11:07 
The idea is not new and there is some S8:P groups on steam already that exists only for so people can play together at a certain hour
Sigve 2013年1月13日下午12:13 
What are the name of these groups?
Rainbow Dash 2013年1月13日下午12:17 
well i just did a check now and couldn't find one that fits with the idea.. but I remember seeing stuffs about that on some internet forums and even seeing the steam group page..
Rainbow Dash 2013年1月13日下午11:46 
thats boring.. today i entered an end-game with 2 other ppl and it was over before i could spawn, then someone left and i still couldn't get any xp..

what a ♥♥♥♥ing system you can't even level if there is not at least 3 players on a ranked server..
Sigve 2013年1月14日上午10:29 
I actually feel sorry for you, that sucks big time.
Gabe 2013年1月14日下午3:13 
I still tihnk this is the best fps ever, sadly, not many people play it :( I usually only ever end up with 1 live player.
Sigve 2013年1月15日上午10:18 
I played it yesterday, and I am suprised to say that I actually played with six other players on a server in conquest mode. So there is still hope! Haha
brue 2013年1月15日下午6:44 
playing atm. its great. I just dont get why servers even exist. no one really plays :(
Rainbow Dash 2013年1月15日下午6:56 
引用自 Sigve
I played it yesterday, and I am suprised to say that I actually played with six other players on a server in conquest mode. So there is still hope! Haha

lucky you !
Rainbow Dash 2013年1月15日下午9:13 
and again.. i join a swarm with 2 guys, it's a lose in the minute, then one of them leaves on the new game, and the host follows him

this is starting to♥♥♥♥♥♥me off
ugandan knuckles 2013年1月16日上午4:54 
Me and my brother just got this game, we usaully play at all sorts of hours and yet to find a live player so far if anyone is keen send me a msg with times you can play and we will look at setting up a game or so
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