Blackwing002 27. März 2013 um 18:27 Uhr
2 Extra Copies
I have 2 copies of the game, if anyone wants to try section 8 out let me know. Cheers! Oh not that I want anything in return, but a copy of magicka would make me smile :)
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Koray 29. März 2013 um 8:41 Uhr 
I want 1 free copy (if you want) now I have nothing for trade...only a 9 free copies of dota, material for it game and something for tf2 (Spiral Knights) if you want some of this is for you, ok?

thanks everyway ;)
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Blackwing002 29. März 2013 um 12:28 Uhr 
Ok sure thing. Glad I can help :)
Ragna 30. März 2013 um 16:51 Uhr 
i wouldn't mind a copy if you happen to have one left
Cyanize 1. Apr. 2013 um 2:08 Uhr 
Still got one?? I would love a copy :D
Blackwing002 1. Apr. 2013 um 12:24 Uhr 
They are both gone, sorry about that!
nW|Cocolino 20. Apr. 2013 um 12:54 Uhr 
pff:( all the copyes are gone?
dammit the game is not avvaileble in my country so i cant buy it:((
nW|Cocolino 20. Apr. 2013 um 12:56 Uhr 
if you get one more copy could you please send me one? i badly wanna try the game
•_•Smiles•_• 20. Apr. 2013 um 14:59 Uhr 
hey cocolino hit up ShadowPhaion, he helped me find a trade for the game yesterday he should be able to help you out with a copy Good Luck!
Blackwing002 20. Apr. 2013 um 19:29 Uhr 
I'll have more copies again, and post when I do. Cheers!
nW|Cocolino 21. Apr. 2013 um 5:23 Uhr 
ty BlackWing contact me when u get one please:D
FullBitGamer 25. Apr. 2013 um 21:27 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von GOKCocolino:
pff:( all the copyes are gone?
dammit the game is not avvaileble in my country so i cant buy it:((

I will buy you a copy and gift it to you but you need to throw something up for trade :)
nW|Cocolino 26. Apr. 2013 um 7:36 Uhr 
sry KylleX but i aint got nothing to trade:( ive seen the post (free copies) so...sry mate believe me if i had something to trade for it i would do it 100% i love the game so much
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