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atomcorp 2012年9月22日上午12:11
Solar broke - wtf [FIXED]
whats happined - sh!t?!
why i cant play game what i buy?!
最后由 Murudai 编辑于; 2012年12月21日下午5:33
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Finngeir 2012年10月19日下午1:21 
Very constructive post. Maybe would you like to share some details or should we become the wizards and guess?
atomcorp 2012年10月19日下午3:17 
corruption game file.
folder without files. reinstall & nothing
Murudai  [开发者] 2012年10月19日下午3:30 
This is an issue with the Steam content system. Try closing the Steam client and opening it again. Also try "verify integrity of game cache".
{pdX}joe 2012年10月20日上午10:42 
works fine for me, win7 64 w/wireless xbox controller!
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