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Kalmarauder 2013 02 月 20 @ 5:29下午
The camera is too close
I keep losing planets orbiting my system because they are very close to the edge of the screen, and sometimes off the screen entirely. If I'm moving upward or downward at full speed there is nothing that can be done to prevent my outer planets from colliding with other planets or stars. Even when moving left or right, I can only narrowly avoid colliding with other solar systems, but I usually lose a few planets in the process.

I think the camera should be zoomed out further for multi-star systems and/or move more to show what is ahead.
最後修改者:Kalmarauder; 2013 02 月 20 @ 6:22下午
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Mindless2112 2013 03 月 16 @ 2:56下午 
Or zoom out based on the player's velocity (a la car satnavs).
porovaara 2013 03 月 17 @ 1:34下午 
i agree. camera is way too close.
MestreLion 2013 04 月 8 @ 10:43上午 
I think that is intentional.. moving full speed is supposed to be dangerous and risky, that holds true from asteroids to black holes. But you can mitigate that by having just 1 planet on the outermost orbit and keep the rest in the inner, safer orbits. (you do realize you can control orbits by absorbing selected planets, right?) Also, having more stars zooms out the camera, and also bigger stars help keeping your planet close (gravity)
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