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unix51 2013年1月16日 4時24分
Ubuntu dual monitor fullscreen problem
When running Solar 2 on Ubuntu 12.10 with dual monitor in fullscreen mode I have only left half of the game displayed on my left monitor. Can this bug be fixed?
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Murudai  [開発者] 2013年1月16日 4時55分 
So wait, do you mean the game is only on the left monitor, or that only part of the game is on the left monitor? There have been some issues with fullscreen mode on Linux, in the mean time you can go here: for a fix to force the game into windowed mode.
unix51 2013年1月16日 7時19分 
When in "fullscreen mode" - the window of the game is only on 1 monitor but in this window I can see only a half of what I should see, so my planet is somewhere near right side of the monitor (not in center). When in "window mode" - it's ok
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Talon 2013年2月17日 18時31分 
I sorta had a similar problem with partial display, but it was due to my primary monitor having a different resolution than the monitor on which it was being displayed. Once I got it on my primary, it was fine. I'm not sure if your two monitors are different though.
unix51 2013年2月17日 22時56分 
Yes, my monitors have different resolution
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