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d10sfan 2012年12月22日 6時58分
Linux Version Custom Resolution
Where is the config file on the Linux version? The game is setting the resolution incorrectly and I cant see part of the menu to fix it ingame
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senshikaze 2012年12月22日 18時26分 
I'm having the same issue.
This seemed to help:
Murudai  [開発者] 2012年12月24日 1時24分 
If that link above doesn't help, send me an email at, as it might be a bug. There are some issues with the resolution in Linux, but setting to fullscreen mode or using that config file explained in that link should help fix it.
d10sfan 2012年12月24日 1時28分 
Creating the file did work. Thanks!
mesamunefire 2012年12月24日 18時16分 
Yep you have to create the file itself in this case.
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