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iLL.| Tonez Nov 18, 2012 @ 3:56pm
Patch notes
Released: 11/16
• There will be a downloadable demo; that lets you play 30 minutes a day without restriction.
• Adding ‘Stupid mode’ stupid mode will be its own depot within your steam library;
• Adding ‘ugly’ mode, ugly mode will be an option to have on/off under the video options.
• Multiple issues have been addressed relating to particle system crashes and dedicated server’s crashes.
• Fix dynamic array bug in title server STL class causing stats to not save
• Optimize database layout further to reduce reply time and postgreSQL CPU usage, to avoid nexuiz service timeout errors.
• We are adding more custom video options for the new modes.
• Removed DOF controls,
• Turned down the GI and turned on chroma shift.
• Adding a ‘suicide penalty’ option which deducts a kill point in the TDM and DM modes, it may be found on the lobby creation page under custom match and may also be enabled in dedicated servers by placing g_suicidepenalty = 1in the CFG file.
• Added support for 16 players on each team in the Lobby and HUD menus. The Lobby uses scrolling lists so can technically show an infinite number of players, but the HUD only displays up to 32 player cards before things start getting cut off.
• Adding a Death Match mode.

• We are adding 3 maps to the official pool these maps better accommodate the 32 player limit. The maps are as follow Butt Fartress Meow and Siege.