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Hyden 2012年11月20日上午5:57
After todays Update, image at constant blink
Impossible to play
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iLL.| Tonez 2012年11月20日上午7:55 
could you elaborate a little more, and provide some sort of screen shot?
最后由 iLL.| Tonez 编辑于; 2012年11月20日上午7:56
Hyden 2012年11月20日上午8:16 
Theres no way to show with SS, its simple : looks like turning on / off the lights, fast. Tried changing resolution and installing new drives, nothing works.
iLL.| Tonez 2012年11月20日上午8:18 
Do you go into a match or is this happening on the main menu? what video card and drivers are you using?
Hyden 2012年11月20日上午8:28 
No blink at menus, only happens when ANY matches begin. I have a 295 GTX.
iLL.| Tonez 2012年11月20日上午8:37 
okay thanks ill see if i can dig anything up, have you tried messing with any of the lighting video settings? IE changing lighting to low medium high veryhigh? also switch direct x versions
最后由 iLL.| Tonez 编辑于; 2012年11月20日上午8:39
Hyden 2012年11月20日上午9:21 
I tried all kinds of configurations, lights, vsynch, 640 x 480, windowed etc etc. nothing works.


Thanks for your attention.

Hyden 2012年11月20日上午9:28 
How can i change direct x version ?
iLL.| Tonez 2012年11月20日上午9:33 
When you are at the video options there is a setting that you are able to check to enable dx11 respectively having this checked off will result in being in dx9
Hyden 2012年11月20日上午9:35 
I was thinking theres an other option to do this. I have tried DX11 ( my card does not support ) and DX9.
GioXmen 2012年11月20日上午9:40 
Well stupid mode maps now freeze up,I gues a geforce gtx 560 can not handle this,god damn it!
最后由 GioXmen 编辑于; 2012年11月20日上午9:41
iLL.| Tonez 2012年11月20日上午9:45 
引用自 xXErnestasXx
Well stupid mode maps now freeze up,I gues a geforce gtx 560 can not handle this,god damn it!

It's not that it cant handle it, the first time stupid mode maps are loaded they have to build files called DDS, this may take a little while longer compared and by a little while i'm talking 20+ minutes :(
GioXmen 2012年11月20日上午9:46 
Oh realy,then I gues I will put it on hold.It takes up 30% of CPU (which is rather impresive)even like 5 minecrafts runing at once in an server don't do that.(icore i7)
最后由 GioXmen 编辑于; 2012年11月20日上午9:48
GioXmen 2012年11月20日上午10:17 
So,it works fine with no lag,and I don't know if its meant to look at how its lookin but it basicly has alot of fog,everything is realy much harder to see,I don't know what to say actualy I will upload 2 screenshot sof what it looked for me to my profile(normal and stupid)both looking at the same spot and personaly I like normal mode beter,the shades are cool and all but nah....
最后由 GioXmen 编辑于; 2012年11月20日上午10:21
Doppelganger 2012年11月20日下午6:35 
Are you using DX11 in game? This is what happens to me on most maps when DX11 is used.
Harbinger[HU] 2012年11月23日上午2:43 
For me the game doesn't even want to connect or start a bot match. Just crash.
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