Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

DePhoegon Mar 26, 2013 @ 8:26am
Suggestion for the controls
The alternate fire for the secondary gun(s)
Since we have to use a button to 'switch' secondary weapons & It's default LB/L1 and fire is LT/L2 default, why not enable an alternate control sceme that enables the use First Secondary Weapon to be fired from LT/L2 & 2nd/Alternitive to be fired with LB/L1, with either one being used causing a ~.25-.5 second delay for the other one to be fired, seeing as it's possible to switch weapons that fast with controller (Used a PS3 controller via DS3 Tool)

Same concept for the Controller, except that First seconary fire from RMB & 2nd/alternitive Secondary fired from, 3rd button/4th button (by default) on the mouse, with the same delay of course.

---Camera/Ship movement. (From Overhead view, I've not gone into 3rd person view yet)
It's .... ..... eeehhh .. Not bad at all, but it feels really seperated some how.
I would LOVE to see the ship be able to turn around without having the camera spin around just because the front of the ship is.
-WS for movements, AD for ship turning, QE for 'straffing' & mouse for camera controlls to help show off the level & it's prettyness.
--- Admittedly, the default method works, but takes a bit to get use to honestly & I have to say has it's advantages in some advanced strageties where having the ship turning+camera on the mouse makes sense & gives an advantage because it allows for skilled movements involving straffing without to many issues for a KB&M setup.
-WS for movements, AD for ship turning, QE for 'straffing' & Camera control on AD as well/auto follow behind the ship, to allow for rebinding of the fire keys for a full KB play experiance for those who may not have a mouse.
{Sorry if some of these are already in the game, I haven't fully explored the options just yet, but had to get out what I wanted to share.}

[Dual Stick Controller]
- Left stick handling the Backwards/Forwards movement & shipturning/camera turning w/ camera locked behind the ship. Right stick controlling straffing.

- Left Stick handling Ship directional movement, right stick handling Firing of Both Primary weapons (since that's on one button anyways) &what direction is ship facing, {aka, twin stick shooter design} while letting the LT/L2 & RT/R2 handle the secondary weapons. Leaving the camera be manual control via LB/L1&RB/R1 buttons turn left & right, slowish tracking in regarding turning to face the direction being traveled or shooting *via option in menu*. Of course with the ship staying in the center of the screen with a small tolerance for movement so it doesn't feel like the ship is controlling the map instead of moving.
---- One can already turn around on a dime anyway[KB&M, and Gamepad] in the game, so enabling the twin stick design wouldn't really harm the balance,

Sorry if those features are in, I just wanted to be sure & share before I forgot how I wanted it worded.
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motorsep  [developer] Mar 26, 2013 @ 9:07am 
You know you can remap gamepad's buttons and even axes (that might not work for all gamepads), along with keyboard via Controls menu. Feel free to tune controls to your liking.

There are 4 presets for camera and controls to tune it. Check out Profile menu and Camera Options. One of the presets, Old School, has fixed camera and you only control player's hovertank.
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