K-ralz Jan 5 @ 7:03pm
Will achievements ever be added?
Just started playing this and I think it's really neat. I love getting achievements in games and wouldn't mind some for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.
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motorsep  [developer] Jan 5 @ 7:24pm 
Most likely they won't be added to this version. But I am thinking of doing re-boot of the game after Phaeton is released, and that will have all the bells and whistles :)
TreadLife Jan 14 @ 4:50pm 
A reboot, meaning basically buying this game a second time?
motorsep  [developer] Jan 14 @ 8:05pm 
Basically meaning it will be a top-down shooter in hovertanks, plus more features that never made it into original game (plus removal of some unpopular elements), made with new game engine, new models, new levels, etc.

And this is just a "maybe". We'll see what future holds. I have other projects that need to be made first :)
Dahl Feb 7 @ 3:26pm 
Id personally rather see achievements added to this than buy a new game to get them.
Skater Manson Oct 3 @ 4:34pm 
@motorsep the game looks good in what i have seen so far, i guess a reboot to add new engine isn't needed for the game, the new models and levels you can add them without it, in my opinion, you need to add more content in this game and remove what the players don't like, don't simple make a new one, because people who bought the game already have paid for it and wanted to see the game better, and not to buy a new one to see the differences.
This is what Devs should do, I'm getting the game if you add Steamworks.
motorsep  [developer] Oct 4 @ 1:13pm 
thanks, but no Steamworks coming to Steel Storm. The game code is so unmanagable and horrible, that maintaining it is impossible without rewriting it. So the engine switch (reboot) is not only to get it done right and managable, but also to be able to expand the game easily by writing properly designed game framework.

The game is 3+ years old, so nothing new is coming to this build. It's time for me to move on (which I have been doing). Thank you for enjoying the game.
Skater Manson Oct 4 @ 2:19pm 
Alright, hope the second one come good, i'm waiting to see some news about it! ;)
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