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Bakonat0r Jul 24, 2013 @ 4:43pm
I made a detailed review for this game.

The video is about 10 minutes long, so for those who don't want to sit through that, here's a summary of what I thought:

The game is very well designed and is extremely fun to play through, centering around a unique core gameplay mechanic that no other game has. Even though the game is insanely hard, it never stopped the game from being fun since you have infinite lives and you always respawn close to where you died, allowing you to always be creative and to fearlessly try new things until something works. It also helped that this game had an AMAZING soundtrack - it is one of my favorite indie game soundtracks out there right now. This game is easily worth its asking price just for how good the music is. It is also awesome how there is more than one way to beat each level - that definitely set it apart from a lot of games like this.

However, I did have some criticisms. I felt that the hard mode that you unlock after you beat the main game was a bit lazy, and far less fun than the main game, since you can no longer use the orange rift, and the orange rift was half of what made this game so fun and original to start with. I also felt that the game didn't offer much in terms of replay value, since there is no way to replay your favorite levels short of starting the game over from scratch. Which leads on to my last criticism, that the game only supports one save file, so if you want to replay the game to experience your favorite levels again, you are actually forced to delete your existing save file right along with all the effort you put into it to do so.

All issues aside, I did find this game to be very well thought out and very original, and it is worth the money for people who really like the concept behind this game. For everyone else, this game can go as low as $0.75 on steam sales, and it's worth picking up regardless for that price.

I gave this game a 7/10. I hope to see more games from Fish Factory in the future.
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