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The Tiny Bang Story - WIP Guide
Yaratıcı: Farsight
A walkthrough of The Tiny Bang Story with locations and pictures....
Hint guide.
Yaratıcı: Lupal Fillyus
Instead of handing you the solutions like any Google search can net you, I will give you the logic to solve the puzzles. This is also the place to look if you fear clicking the hint button, as some of the in-puzzle's "hint" buttons give you the solution ...
Прохождение для The Tiny Bang Story.
Yaratıcı: UnikoRez
Здесь показано как пройти игру....
Tiny Bang Story - Turn off the water puzzle guide
Yaratıcı: › Sugar Plumps
Quick guide I made for one of the puzzles that I was stuck on...
The Tiny Bang Story - Steam valve puzzle
Yaratıcı: Fugui Li
Section 2...
Full game guide | Полный гайд по игре
Yaratıcı: Hoarmûrath of Dír
Сохранение для The Tiny Bang Story
Yaratıcı: UnikoRez
100% пройдено....