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mutzila20 Feb 26 @ 2:08am
Speed-Up Question
I don't have Saints Row 2 in my library yet but I came to ask a question.
First of all I know it's a terrible port and has many issues but the most scary of them is the Speed-Up problem, well at least for me.
After reading through thousands of pages I found out that the game is speeding up with a CPU which has more than 3.2 ghz.
So if I have an Intel Core i5 with 2.5/turbo 3.1 ghz the game won't speed up?
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<[POW]> Sgt Kat USMC Feb 27 @ 2:36pm 
It all depends on the computer, man. I bought the game a couple of days ago and I'm not even supposed to be running the game due to the system requirements on my laptop (intel pentium) and it runs perfect, other than a few lag problems here and there while driving around.
The Real Junko Mar 1 @ 3:56pm 
It depends. I know that's a sucky answer but it's the best you can do until you actually start up the game.

The only guaranteed way not to get the speed up problem is to have Windows 8, which fixes it for some reason.

It's a pretty easy thing to fix, though. Powertools is pretty simple to get running and I'm pretty sure it's compatible with Gentlemen of the Row as well.
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