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Jan 22 @ 10:18pm
Wow so many locked or simply missing threads for this title... anyone else bothered by the flickering?
Originally posted by fork:
You might have been better off just posting about your flickering issue, rather than slipping it in with a rant. Less flamebait.

On that note:
Machinator -> the troll in every single Nidhogg thread.

Everyone has their opinions. The people with negative ones tend to post more often, and create multiple threads that do nothing more than rant. Ranting can be good, only if it has some sort of constructive direction. These are people who are so offended that they paid ~$11 for something they personally didn't like, and they want everyone to know it. I'm sure these people will make a "better game" in the time between posting hate threads and pounding their keyboard to bits whenever they see the name "Nidhogg".

I'll try not to waste your time by engaging with you types of folk, I know you're busy with your crusade :D

huh? projecting much? Im busy playing games which are fun. Hint: they are not Nidhogg
Originally posted by DarkTroZo:

off topic, but how do you even get to steam level 52? do you ever leave the room?
the guy has a pretty thin skin, and after receiving universal acclaim from hipsters for 4 years is meeting this thing called reality where not everyone likes the thrown together look, shoddy netcode and high price

but hey, thems the knocks when you want to SELL something
Jan 20 @ 10:38pm
Price Tag is Ridiculous
Originally posted by Shadowspaz:
Meaning everyone buying the game is getting ripped off?

well, I think they are pretty dumb to do so when you can get the same thing from EGGNOGG, or wait for the inevitable sale - this thing will be on for 5 bucks, then 2.99, before you know it
Originally posted by Funster:
Originally posted by cRuEllY:
well the first thing I thought after seeing the price tag: "since when do indi games cost that much".

Lol. Hyperbole much?

DayZ is $30, Don't Starve is $15, Starbound is $15, Mark of the Ninja is $15... just go to the Indie game section and discover how stupid that statement is.

And I don't want to hear "BUT ITS NOT WORTH 15" because that's subjective, and you likely don't even have the game so you wouldn't even have a basis for opinion.

Yes, but all of those are GOOD games that will keep your attention. Comparing Nidhogg to Starbound or Don't Starve is just...ugh.
Jan 20 @ 2:56pm
If the game holds your interest for 2 WHOLE HOURS, you broke even.
Originally posted by Funster:
Huge budget 60 dollar games often have 8 or less hours of content. 8 hours breaks down to 7.5 dollars an hour. 15 dollars divided by 7.5 = 2 hours.

If you play this game for 2 total hours, you've just gotten 15 dollars worth by AAA standards.

Um, when was the last time you were dumb enough to buy a AAA game for full price? No-one I know - except console peasants - does that.

For example, INJUSTICE - another, much better, fighting game - was 10 bucks. Saints Row 4? 20.

I'd like to know who these mythical people are that pay full price for PC releases.

Nidhogg might hold your attention for 10 bucks - its not expensive, you could eat at McDonalds or own Nidhogg. Thing is, they both have about the same level of enjoyment and both are over quickly.

If you want Nidhogg, play EGGNOGG, the free version that doesnt suck.

Also, for the record, I get more than 15 hours out of my AAA games - but I guess thats because I buy good ones. I got Arkham City for 10 bucks - sorry, Nidhogg dont hold a candle to that, boyo.
Jan 17 @ 10:48am
Any word from Devs about future updates/content?
Yeah, 4 years of development must be exhausting. Also, devs* is plural I do believe Dev is more accurate.
Jan 15 @ 9:52am
What I've learned from reading these Steam discussions
how to hide money from a hipster?


bam-bum-ching! Thanks, I will be here all night.
Originally posted by Viperr101:
1. Because the developer had a kickstarter 4 years ago about some unrelated game that did not see a final proper release, you should not buy Nidhogg. So basically, no one gives a ♥♥♥♥.

1. The graphics should be better because the game uses pixel art which apparently is not pleasant to look at. Yet people seem to think Starbound looks amazing. Will never understand this complaint about "bad graphics".

2. Matchmaking does not seem to show more than 1-2 people at a time, and might have terrible lag for the person who is not the host.

3. The A.I. cheats and is either amazing or terrible.

4. It's $11.99 yet people are complaining that they payed $15 for it and it should be cheaper.

5. People still don't know how to use 360 controllers with PC games.

6. People have computers (netbooks) that can't run this game because the backgrounds are too intense.

7. Somehow people think there is an "end" game and that you can beat the game in < 20 minutes, therefore it's a waste of money and they want a refund.

Meanwhile, the game has been the 4th highest seller on steam for the past few hours.

As an FYI, I'm not defending or opposing this game since I haven't played it. I've merely been interested in it for some time and this is the ♥♥♥♥ i've seen in most of the popular threads.

EDIT: Now that I have played it, it's everything I expected it to be, and I'm really liking it so far. As for the multiplayer problems, matchmaking seems pretty unweildy, but I have gotten into a match, and it was lag free for about 10 minutes until we desynced. But those 10 minutes were ♥♥♥♥ing amazing while they lasted.

tldr, I am a hipster fanboy and need to justify this purchase since my ego is increasingly sending me warnings I GOT ROBBD
Jan 17 @ 7:37am
Terrible game, do not buy
if you want to play this game but dont want to pony up 15$ in a world where you can buy ROME 2 or Injustice or Bioshock Infinite for the same amount, try EGGNOGG, it is a feature complete parody of this game, and you can even *shock, gasp* play LOCAL MULTIPLAYER

then you can be cool like the hipsters that dig this
Jan 17 @ 5:33pm
Keep this game alive, add Steam Workshop
Maybe if you give the guy another 4 years he can figure out Workshop support, but I wouldnt hold my breath.
Jan 15 @ 8:22am
A fantastic game with tons of replay value
I picked up Injustice for the price this 'game' has been flogged under. Monaco was worth waiting for - you fail to realize I support indie gaming - just not this guy and not his game.

Overpriced, over hyped, under delivered. EGGNOGG ftw.
Originally posted by The Average Guy:
Originally posted by Machinator:

you mean, the people playing at a party? yea, probably fun

worth 10$? I leave it to the mass market to decide. I imagine this will be like Gone Home - praised by elitist contrarian reviewers trying to seem chic, and hated by anyone with a pulse.


That's a funny way of spelling "Northwest Majors".

wait wait - should I know or care what that is? sorry chief
Originally posted by The Average Guy:
Originally posted by Machinator:

this is basically all it is, the same thing over and over and over - the dude dragged this game to little parties - its probably best with another person or two around, but even then, people are going to get bored to tears quickly

Look how bored these people are playing it.

you mean, the people playing at a party? yea, probably fun

worth 10$? I leave it to the mass market to decide. I imagine this will be like Gone Home - praised by elitist contrarian reviewers trying to seem chic, and hated by anyone with a pulse.
Jan 13 @ 5:37pm
Expensive ♥♥♥ game
Originally posted by wilycodger:
Originally posted by Mister Sombong:
How would one justify the purchase?

It's a simple but deep game with tons of replay value and that's as fun to watch as it is to play.

There's a Nidhogg arcade cabinet at the nyu gamecenter. Even though we also have a game library with a huge collection of games from Atari 2600 to PS4, Nidhogg is consistently one of the most popular games there.

damn hipsters
Jan 13 @ 3:25pm
I thought this game was already out... and free
no no, Nidhogg came first - but because the maker only has been showing it at little hipster gatherings at bars and such, and because it won all these indie awards, people got sick of seeing but not playing it (especially as it hasnt changed much since first shown) enter EGGNOGG - which is a parody in every way. Instead of the epic chandelier, there is a little light bulb. At the end, when you win, instead of a giant worm thing eating you, a little worm shows up and doesnt know what to do.

Its brilliant, and it has basically the exact same gameplay as NIDHOGG, so you can then decide if you enjoy the, you know, gameplay and stuff, before throwing down your ten simoleans.
a free parody with 100% of the gameplay
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