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Why you should download BlackOps Unleashed (and BlackOps Advanced Command Units)
For all you mod-newbies out there, BlackOps unleashed isn't about Call of duty (sorry CoDs) but it's about a mod that adds quite a couple of new units to supreme commander! A couple of examples:
THE BASILISK (for cybrans) The basilisk is basically "Hey, what if we merged a galactic collossus and megalith? and throw some tactical missile launchers on there too" It's super expensive, but it's equally powerful! (and it can go into siege mode for base killing)
The DREADNOUGHT (for all factions) The Unit isn't actually called the dreadnought, its more like a group of units. all factions (even the seraphim) get a new navy experimental, usually it has some new faction specific gizmos and a lot of firepower.
The RIFT (for seraphim) The rift is ANOTHER ultra expensive uber-experimental! this bad boy is basically an upscaled factory that builds "elite" basic units extremely fast, although it will probably crash your energy economy
And many, many more that i don't wanna list!

BLACKOPS, Advanced command units makes the Commanders USEFULL in a late game!
in the Un-Modded game, the commander is basically a liability in the late-game, but this mod fixes that with a slew of new upgrades! all factions get nearly 24 Upgrades for their ACU!
A few examples:
ALL factions get some kind of anti-heavy unit gun! the UEF get a big explodey cannon, the seraphim get a HADOUUKEN, the aeon get artillery, and the cybran get EMP lasers!
ALL factions also get a Anti-Grunt weapon, the UEF, a gatling gun, Cybran, A variant on the monkeylord's laser, the aeon get...erm...i forgot, and the Seraphim get a pulse laser thingy.
All the factions also get torpedoes.

They all also get Information based upgrades, Engineering upgrades (In combat Engineer and Economy Booster flavors) extra armor plating, and some kind of speed upgrade.

All in all, these two bad boys add a lot of cool new stuffs! here's the linkies.
Blackops Unleashed!

Blackops, Advanced Command units!

BUT WAIT. You also need Blackops Icon Support! (so the icons for all the stuff works, so their not super-distracting place-holder models)


And, Thats all Peeps!
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