meekr Aug 1, 2013 @ 7:34am
New to Forged Alliance Forever...a few questions?
I just signed up to FAF and wanted to learn the basics of the game before hitting the new Lobby against humans. After doing the tutorial in the game I started the campaign but it hit me right away with more advanced gameplay than I thought it would. Having no idea of most of the units and tech tree use I couldn't even get across the water except with my Commander!

Now I realize I must get the unit DB and run thru more of the FAF tutorial videos, etc., but I'm wondering if playing the single game is really the best way to learn it? If anyone has any ideas that can help, or that might be interested in helping via some PvP play, please let me know.

Also, there are a number of mods available in FAF, so I'm wondering which of these, either alone or in combination would best suit me for getting ready for online play?

I really wanted to get into SupCom and FA back when they first came out cause I love the simplicity and the zoom enabled interface. Starcraft II is just to complicated and busy looking despite the beautiful 3D maps, and hurts not only my eyes, but my visualization of units, making it seem more like hard work than a game! And it also seems that opening memorization and button-clicking speed is more important that tactical and strategic least at the beginner's level

In any case, all comments and/or suggestions and help will be greatly appreaciated!
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Softly Aug 1, 2013 @ 9:14am 
If you have the original sup com I'd recommend trying that campaign first, it introduces units gradually. After that the FA campaign is much more fun. I learnt to play in the campaign, and to get ready for online I would advise just being as aware as possible of your economy in the campaign games you play. Mass is important!
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