Sheppard May 5, 2013 @ 4:26am
Video Tutorials - Up for new suggestions
As some may now i (together with many others) started creating video tutorials for SupremCommadner about 2 months ago, they can be found in this Guide:

or in this playlist:
(the videos themselves are shattered over ~8 youtubechannels)

I think right now we have given a pretty good overview over most aspects of the game. But we are no new players anymore, things that may appear logic, or INB4 for us; but may not be that easy for newbies. This is why YOU are asked. What do you want to see in new tutorial videos, what have you problems to deal with, what do you get ownd by? All suggestions are wellcome and will be considered (you know what i mean with "all").

i hope for many new suggestions
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