Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Kiokimaru 2013年4月29日下午3:51
SupCom FA Training
I love this game I really do it's very entertaining, challenging, and most of all crazy. (All of which I like). I wanted to start playing pvp so I started training myself on a Simple AI: Adaptive. No rush timer, no modified settings or anything. I quickly found out that no matter what I did I sucked. With a 20 min rush timer I can beat them but usually pvp especially on SupCom FA Forever there is no rush timer. I have read strategy guides and etc. but I would definitely like training from some one that has a good amount of experience and skype. That's if you have the time and want to spend it on me. :)
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Sheppard 2013年4月30日上午5:08 
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Bad_Wolf 2013年5月1日上午6:18 
freind me and i can help im good just dont hvae time to play but get on frequently so just freind me
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