Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

[tcH] DestinyForNone 2013年4月24日 17時30分
Anyone recommend a awesome mod?
I'm looking for a mod that gives awesome units similar to the Doomsday from the Total Mayhem mod.

The mods i have are:
Blackops ACUs
Blackops Alternate Reality
Blackops Balance
Blackops EXUnits
Blackops NavalBalance
Blackops Support
Blackops Unleashed

I hope your ideas are good because I cannot wait.
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Sheppard 2013年4月25日 6時56分 
4th Deminsion
{BHGC}Sgt.Sarge™ 2013年4月27日 12時56分 
I have a mod pack with a huge number of units. Check it out on my profile.
Note: It's a 2gb file so it may take awhile
If you want to see a brief overview of whats in the pack, check out my screenshots.

Edit: If you want to play with me or anyone else who uses my pack you MUST delete your old mods that are same as the ones in the pack. It will cause major desync issues
最近の変更は{BHGC}Sgt.Sarge™が行いました; 2013年4月27日 13時02分
TuQuéMiras?¿?¿ 2013年4月28日 2時05分 
The experimental wars is a very good mod but if you play with it you can't play with the blacops ACU.
Piamond Dickaxe 2013年4月28日 21時36分 
Can I get a link to the Blackops things? I've spent hours looking for them without any luck.
a new machine 2013年4月30日 9時54分 
facepuch check out the supreme commander section
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