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Steppenwolf 2013年11月29日下午12:14
As there will be no further issues of this digital mag, it would be nice from the ones responsible for this on steam to remove the three unobtainable Achievements 'Charter Member', 'Extreme Makeover' and 'Show Stealer'.
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Stexred 2013年12月14日上午11:43 
i agree
The Derr Man 2013年12月25日下午5:35 
It's sad, they can actually do the subscription now.
=(WwO)=Pape 2014年3月4日上午12:10 
I agree, respond PC GAMER!
=(WwO)=Pape 2014年3月20日上午12:13 
引用自 Draco Fire.
引用自 =(WwO)= PapeTrani
I agree, respond PC GAMER!
lol I see that says a fellow pc gamer now

La traduccion de lo que escribiste seria: "lol yo veo que dice un camarada jugador de PC ahora" Que quisiste decir con eso?, no tiene sentido mejor dilo en español para que te entienda...
=(WwO)=Pape 2014年3月20日上午12:36 
引用自 Draco Fire.
yo quiero ver lo que dice alguien de la revista pc gamer parece que no se ven devs!

ah ya, tu error fue poner "i see that says" cuando seria "I want to see what says" talvez te paresca insignificante pero al principio ni sabia que querias decir, pero bueno.

Si ojala contesten, pero quien sabe si siqueira vean esto
TigerensLV 2014年7月25日上午12:48 
I agree
mcwizardry 2014年9月3日下午3:38 
Little Kitten 2014年11月25日下午3:01 
Yes we want our 100%
Brony Prevedus 2015年1月10日上午9:57 
引用自 Little Kitten
Yes we want our 100%
When achivements can't be get by any way just because creators never updating|fixing it, for 100% there is only 3 simple letters:
First letter is first letter of name of this game service
Second is first in alphabet
Third is first letter of first word for almost all newborn babies
But it's only on your risks
And remember: Achivements is just pictures, game items is only sets of pixels, buy fullpacks&bundles, BYE!
mcwizardry 2015年11月2日下午1:18 
Any updates on this situation?
Saimona Mizushita 2016年1月14日下午11:39 
What's ONE ninety or so perecent? I mean, golly, ya' gotta live with a lack of closure sometimes. No one's going to cater to a niche.
Eagles Fly 2016年4月27日上午7:28 
How come it shows this for global achievements?...> http://steamcommunity.com/stats/92500/achievements/
Are they all set to unlock upon game start or something?
Mans1ay3r 2016年5月1日下午2:20 
I got them all ;)
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