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Zero 19 Sie, 2013 - 8:16
This game is a piece of junk and here are my thoughts on it.
A friend of mine sent me the game as gift, describing it as Megaman-like. My hopes were dashed after the first stage, and hit rock bottom during the second. The game is garbage and I feel sorry for anyone who paid money for this.

I started mentioning a few of the egregious issues to a friend and he found that quite entertaining. Thus I ended up actually playing through the entire game and noting down as many problems as I could think of.

This is basically a mostly unsorted list and rant. Points are certainly up for discussion if there is some more interest in analyzing this or I am asked to clarify something. Taken as whole, I must say that even I could design better stages than this, without having any experience.

Keep in mind that this was written from the perspective of a first playthrough, I know a few things are different once you have finished the game, such as getting infinite grenades. Also, I mostly wrote these down as I was playing through, so please don't expect exact references to each room.

If you specifically want to see what I'm talking about, you may wish to refer to any number of playthrough videos on youtube.

First, the really basic non-gameplay stuff.

Story: Mediocre, not notable in any way. Relies on basic sci-fi clichés and kept very curt, at least it doesn't embarrass itself more that way.
Graphics: The 3D models are completely fine for the budget and price, but the hand-drawn art is anything but okay.
Sound/Music: Acceptable, but not noteworthy.
Controls are less than stellar, especially if you use a controller. They feel kind of sluggish all around, but are sufficient.

Basic Mechanics Issues

Why are there three components when basically everything needs everything?

You roughly get all three components in the same proportion, and every upgrade needs everything, with some differences in the amount per component. This largely makes the distinction between components entirely pointless.

Why are there components in the first place?

The components are essentially a grinding mechanic. Now, I hate grinding by default, but this is a Mega Man-like game too. I am aware of the bolts of some of the earlier Mega Man games, and crystals, and I am not going to defend them. But why does this game need an upgrade system to begin with? The weapons basically only change in damage, which can be nullified by keeping enemy HP constant. The grenades could be taken out entirely since they are either a strong, limited attack or used for basic propulsion techniques that should not even need grenades. Additionally, a much more interesting option would be just hiding those upgrades and rewarding exploration of the levels. As opposed to the rather weak power chips you can find. Which are usually anything but well-hidden. Frankly, hiding upgrades as secrets might have forced the level design to be slightly more creative.

Medkits can be made which largely remove any challenge through damage.

Medkits are cheap, heal a decent bit, and you will likely be able to afford quite many. Thus most damage-based difficulty is no longer applicable past a point.

Why are there two types of grenades?

They both deal damage, need to be upgraded separately, and largely fulfill similar functions except that the EMP grenade can stun. Whereas the HE grenade will just kill most enemies instead. They both are used for airdashing, both are used for pointless obstacle objects. In fact, there are points where you are forced to use them to progress, meaning there's a chance you may have to grind materials just to get past a single blocking wall object.

Why does the airdash need to charge? And it even costs a grenade.

This is a really basic air mobility upgrade, why does should this ever need charging? It basically limits airdashing to be used for very specific "secrets" or single jumps, whereas the Megaman X games can make use of airdashing to actually create tricky platforming challenges. Not to mention that it costs a grenade, I don't even know why that was considered a good idea. Additionally, some grenade-dash platforms look like they should be reachable through very tight doublejumping... but aren't. Fall down and try again.

There does not appear to be any point to the other suits.

You are told early on to switch to another suit for a heat haze zone, but you take no damage there anyway. I have found no discernable difference in function even though the game implies there is. This does not apply to the Berserker DLC, mind you, since that gets a special gun.
So basically, they seem to be a costume function, which should not need a separate button combination and instead just be in the menu.
EDIT: There are some differences in function, see my comment below, they just aren't particularly meaningful ones.

Weapons and their utility.

The basic default blaster is fine. The next weapon acts exactly the same, only it shoots faster. While that supposedly helps with your combo (more later), it really just means that you pick one and upgrade it, whichever has the higher DPS is better. The shockwave gun is fine since it actually has a new utility in shooting through walls. Except that at the highest level it has almost the range of the basic gun and the only reason not to use it constantly is its lower damage. Lastly, the photon launcher. The AoE is largely irrelevant since it's too small to hit more than one enemy at a time as they are usually spaced apart. So you are left with a gun that acts like the default gun, just with higher damage and lower RoF instead.


Rolling can still make you get hit. Dashing is strictly superior. In fact, why is rolling even in the game? It hardly helps with evasion since your hitbox is still pretty large. Dashing with the invincibility frames should have easily been the default.

XBox controller is not ideal for aiming.

Hard difficulty supposedly unleashes the true potential of the bosses. Except that this only seems to make them a little faster as far as I can tell. From watching videos, I could not see any other difference whatsoever.

You need to GRIND FOR MATERIALS to get an SS rank in multiple stages.

Fully upgraded weapons outright trivialize enemies and bosses. The highest level weapons basically decimate normal enemies and even the earlier bosses in moments. This once again calls the upgrade system into question.

You cannot skip text. Ever. Even on your 10th replay, you will STILL have to click every single textbox away.

The combo system basically relies on the level layout early on, until you get highly upgraded weapons and just tear through enemies. At that point the combo becomes pointless since you will almost assuredly reach 99 by default. Not to mention that there seems to be no point to it beyond score for the rank. Which is funny if you are bound to get 99.

The camera has a tendency to hide enemies above/below you. There are multiple situations where you will be shot at from outside your viewing frame, or will jump into an enemy you could not possibly see.

The Zephyr cannon is a 5 second cutscene where you get to look at beams being shot at things for 5 seconds (with some decent music though).
Why exactly could this not have been much shorter again? EDIT: When I say shorter, I mean less than a second to not interrupt gameplay flow.

Same for the health regeneration chamber, it's actually pretty slow for no discernable reason. You really just need to wait around for a few seconds for it to fill you up.

A number of achievements are complete jokes. There is an achievement for watching all cutscenes without skipping. One for destroying 1000 enemies or collecting 3000 materials. With other words, grinding achievements. Even a few for destroy x enemies with attack y. The best one? Like us on Facebook. If you want all achievements, you need to advertise this piece of garbage for free.

The game is also impressively glitchy, during my short time of playing this game, I encountered 5 different glitches. Most of them requiring a restart to fix.

And lastly, this was planned as episodic game except the other episodes will never be done. So the cliffhanger and plot stuff is left hanging~

Overall level design issues

  • Rolling through doors / screen transitions can easily make you end up in enemies. Or in a death pit.
  • The most common object you will see... are crates. Lots of crates. Instead of more natural looking obstacles, which you also see, much of the terrain is made up of crates.
  • Basically all normal enemies are weak and ineffectual.
  • Some enemies start shooting the INSTANT you enter a screen, before you can even realize what's going on. Turrets are a prime offender here.

Secrets largely amount to finding spots where you can roll through, airdashing over a gap you couldn't jump without or grenading an object. That is, until the designers got flat out lazy in stages 4 and 5 and didn't really bother hiding anything anymore. Additionally, a number of "secrets" amount to picking a path of going left or right, with no clue given which path means some bonus goodies and which progresses the level and locks you off from them.

The level design does split paths sometimes, which is a good thing for replayability. Unfortunately, these sections are usually tiny (see level 1) and thus largely miss the point.

There are numerous bonus rooms that amount to shooting galleries where you stand in one spot and slowly pick off every enemy until you are FINALLY done. These never get any less boring on replays. The secret rooms are similarly unchallenging.

As a whole, the stages are boring and unimaginative and FAR too long for that. The obstacles are for the most part trivial with some patience and the enemies are not utilized well at all. Enemies seem more haphazardedly stuck in places instead of being placed with actual thought. Don't even expect enemy synergy. Contrast that to the original Megaman games which tried to create new challenges by combining terrain and enemies you have seen before in ways that make them trickier to overcome.

Additionally, the bosses are also largely boring as they possess few different attacks. Their main difficulty is from their lack of telegraphing what an attack is going to do. You are likely going to get hit once or twice by certain attacks from nearly every boss since you have no way of knowing in advance what a certain telegraph even means. Attempting to rely on reflexes is sometimes futile.

Level 1

Here's where I hit my first glitch, the crates didn't load once.

The starting rooms are trivial which is how it should be, then you get to enjoy your first stupid shooting gallery.

You are told to switch your suit for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Later, a bonus room on the left contains another shooting gallery.

You get to see split paths... except they end in the same path just a room later.

More hallways, followed by an item you simply cannot reach yet, but is not at all hidden.

The secrets mostly amount to looking really closely for spaces where you can roll or bomb.

The midboss is a joke, but the actual boss is flawed.

The boss has a good tell for the claw attack, less so for the others. When he flies up you are basically left guessing what's going to happen first time around since you can't really dodge that on reflex. Additionally, I'm not convinced you can dodge the laser without the ground dash.

You MUST do what the tutorial tells you, even when you don't really want to.

Overall not offensively bad, just boring and unchallenging.

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Zero 19 Sie, 2013 - 8:17 
Level 2

Another shooting gallery right at the start, how fun.

Then you can see a bonus section on the left with two turrets. They fire IMMEDIATELY once you enter the screen and if you aren't expecting it, they will probably hit you.

Later you can go left or right and have to guess which is the bonus section.

Followed by a shooting gallery on a conveyor belt.

Midboss time! He starts shooting the INSTANT the text is gone. I'm pretty sure practically nobody dodged that their first time around. Otherwise it's not a very interesting boss
as long as you figure out that you can roll under the jump.

Next up are exploding crates, except not all that much is done with them. There is an attempt of using them as fuses, but it really goes nowhere.
The funny thing is that their explosion model is smaller than the crate itself, yet you get hit by it if you are somewhat close.
Well, unless you duck in that final section where a crate dump drops them on an elevated terrain.

Hope you enjoy your shooting gallery.

Next up the crates+conveyors. There is one needlessly difficult jump where you need to jump a small gap upwards while a crate is dropping from above and leaving you little room.
It's trivial to airdash, but you don't have that yet from what I remember.

Also, if you move quickly the final crate dropper can hit you since it's offscreen,

You can get the Valkyl shield here which it claims protects you from death... but that doesn't count for falling to your death, something you are going to be doing more often as you can always get medkits.

One last false choice to goodies or progress, then it's boss time.

The second boss has major issues with its tells. The attack where its tail pierces the platform you are on has no relation to its tell, you are probably gonna get hit by that first time around. Additionally, its platform digging you can duck under is also really fast and you need to know what comes.
The one good thing is that if you fall down, you can escape with space.
Then you get a cutscene where you are forced to activate the Zephyr Cannon. It deals no damage, it's just a cutscene and works even with an empty bar. Completely pointless.
Boss also has very few attacks and really isn't fun.

The conveyor belt + crates section is a pain, but the rest is at least only boring.

Level 3

We start things off with another shooting gallery, before leading over to a room with a fog effect that makes it hard to see enemies, but adds nothing.

The waterfall area is "fun". It has a random pit at the bottom that you can fall in if you don't go carefully.

And if you roll in from the left healing room, you are so nicely spaced you fall to your death. Yes, that happened to me.

A shooting gallery, followed by an elevator that is ALSO a shooting gallery.

The midboss is a gigantic pain since it's easy to get stuck on platforms, not judge jump height correctly, or hit a ceiling.
At least the platforms shoot you up, but they don't seem to play too nicely with the jumping and you can also easily hit a platform above and then fall down and die.
Oh, and my game glitched out multiple times(!) and made the doublejump not work.

Then the actual fight where literally all you need to do is stand at the door and shoot.

As a reward, for no real reason you lose your armor and have to do a NO DAMAGE SECTION!
Except it's extremely easy if you are even a little patient.

The ground dash is admittedly useful and should have been a default.

The next section has a few dark rooms, which are dumb because you can see the enemies anyway. So it's more a "harder to see things" room really.

A wonderful moment comes later when a bomb enemy is hidden below a crate, but out of sight. If you destroy the crate while standing on it without knowing about it, you WILL get hit.

There's a nice issue with the small downwards path with many enemy spawners. If you turn right after entering right away, you get squished by the door.

Boss is more annoying than fun. His grab is fast and has an insane range. He telegraphs his teleport moves with the shield... except there are multiple different ones. And I don't think you can tell which of them he is going to do.
During his second phase, he summons some sort of energy wall on the sides. These activate extremely quickly and damage you without warning.

Stage mostly has annoying gimmicks.

Stage 4

Here I hit a glitch where the floor vanished when I played the game the first time.

You enter the first room and get shot at IMMEDIATELY, how fun.

The shooting gallery that follows is problematic. It consists of drones flying into the screen, then out, then back in and stay there.
You cannot harm them while they are not "in your layer", but the instant they are, they can deal contact damage. They also cover all of the platforms you can stand on and are fast. Looks like ducking in the middle at the right spot helps though, yeah.

In a later room, you jump on a platform and have a platform below you and to the right. You need to jump down to it.
EXCEPT THE PLATFORM MOVES AWAY. It triggers based on proximity and from what I've seen, you need to dash from the upper platform to reach it. I'm pretty sure it's the only platform that triggers from this far. Not reaching it lands you in the electricity trap and will halve your HP roughly. Seriously, what the hell? There is no way you can see this coming, this is just spiteful.

An electrosphere drone hides right next to the door, better kill it fast or you take damage.

Next room features a turret hidden by cables (foreground decoration), that was fun.

Forced grenade use is fun. As are chips that are "secrets" but are basically plainly obvious.

The wind tunnel gimmick is criminally misused. All it does is slow you down, whereas in better games, you use the wind to instead make really long jumps for example.
It's basically a tedious crawl through it. Oh, and bullets will come flying at you from offscreen.

The Midboss is okay, although the ground scratching attack is REALLY fast and will likely hit you at first. Boss could use some more attacks.

A shooting gallery-ish room where you get to wait for the enemies to finally spawn so you can kill them.

Then a reused hallway and it took only two rooms to go from the midboss to the endboss.

The Boss is more annoying with the HUGE hitbox on the staff and on Zytron if he does his dash attack. Grounddashing through it is probably sensible.
Oh, and if you get close to dodge the lance, you will have to time it when it returns since you may not be able to see it coming from offscreen.
Black Zytron is actually okay, he telegraphs sensibly and his attacks aren't too hard to dodge. The staff throw at the wall will probably hit you the first time when the electric spheres come though, they are pretty fast and larger than expected.

Overall a stage with really tedious gimmicks and the inexcusable proximity platform nonsense.

Level 5

The first jump down, if you hold right, you will get hit by an enemy you cannot possibly see, isn't that great?

Then we introduce switches! Also, I had a glitch where the pyramid symbol in the switch didn't load.

The long room's only real difficulty are turrets you can't see at the start.

A bit later we reach a tediously long shooting gallery. Except that it has enemies that spawn invisibly. But still deal damage. First time through, I just went on and ran smack into an enemy I COULD NOT SEE. Once you know about it, you just stand in the middle and keep shooting.

Your reward are the world's most boring bouncy platforms. They may as well not move at all considering how little they do.

Then the long climb up the tower begins. The green section has stompers that instantly kill you, and a number of them, they're not too bad. For some reason, the stompers from the background only damage you though. Also, there's a short section where 5 of them close in and force you to jump up, if you don't... well, they don't reset by themselves. You need to backtrack a bit to reset them.

The blue room has beam cannons. Which can fire from offscreen and damage you the instant the beam appears and pierces obstacles.

First two are trivial with the shockwave cannon, but then you get two that you won't know how to avoid until you get hit by them at least once since you can't see them until they are just about done charging.

A fun part follows where you need to dash under an obstruction, on a moving platform, and try to kill a cannon before you get moved back again. And then get to wait until you can actually jump over, fun.

Last part is one more cannon that you cannot possibly see coming and that just so barely is lined up above the ground to hit you.

Then we get to the switch room. Funny thing, if you go left first you land at the recharging area and get to do the WHOLE THING AGAIN. Unless you actually go right first, you won't see that the switch is over there~

For the last switch, it's just more boring platform climbing without any challenge.

And then you get to go allll the way down. Which wouldn't be too bad if the platforms weren't spaced so tightly, you pretty much have to take the long route.

By the way, I died against the boss and when respawning, could use a grenade on the elevator. This got me stuck and forced me to restart the game and redo the entire stage. Great job.

The boss first consists of four turrets with four attack types.

Of those, only the green poison fog is a problem due to its unexpectedly large area coverage and the blue laser since it tracks you for a while and stays longer than your doublejump lasts. EDIT: Left standing, but I should clarify that "problem" is more meant as "annoyance". The other attack types are completely ineffectual.

Second phase is basically the same thing, except with the three rotating axes of electricity, as soon as you notice which angle they start up with, this phase is mostly simple.
Although the blue laser can make escaping the spinner really difficult if you get unlucky.

Third phase is MORE TURRETS... these are completely trivial if you just keep circling the boss while shooting it up with the shockwave gun.

So basically, the boss is three turret fights in a row. That is one of the most worthless bosses I could imagine.
And your rewards are more story and... infinite grenades. Which are preeetty powerful if upgraded (fully upgraded grenades can oneshot every normal enemy) and at least alleviate that whole "use resources to airdash" nonsense.

All in all, I feel sorry for anybody who paid money for this.

It is however a great example of the inebriated hominidae style of design.
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Zaraki snakenoman 19 Sie, 2013 - 8:30 
man i rate u for typing such a epic review. i still want to play this though. try dust its a good game. and how u explained this game makes me want to play it more.
thanks bro ^_^
Zero 19 Sie, 2013 - 8:32 
I think you are somehow missing the entire point of my post. Do not play this game, forget it exists and bury it in a landfill.
Zaraki snakenoman 19 Sie, 2013 - 8:33 
no what i mean u still went through the game, u still gave the game a fair chance other than give up.
i want to do the same. ^_^ its a gamer thing never be defeted in a game. not even pokemon.rofl.
[LT3] Eon 20 Sie, 2013 - 8:22 
Sounds to me like he didn't give it a fair chance...so now I shall rebute, since he said he'd discuss. And please, fix the wall of text. Summarize. You look like a childish whiner right now with an OP post and comment filled with unformatted walllllllllllls. (Can't believe I'm gonna respond to this but Im bored as ♥♥♥♥, and I don't want people listening to your overly exaggerated whining/BS).
Story - I agree it suffers from some cliches, but I find the idea of a space station being used as a 'recycling center for the earths junk crisis' to be an interesting idea. I'd also say, for a first time serious game effort, especially by devs from Thailand...It's not bad.

Graphics - The hand drawn art is a stylized choice brought on by the art styles popular in Eastern Asia. I think, for an indie title, they're fine...and even then, they've got some unique character/style to them, as far as "Anime-ish" is concerned (because I know most UK/US people see it n instantly think that).

Sound/music - I believe the soundtrack is one of it's better points, but I agree sounds outside of that are mostly acceptable.

Controls - I agree controllers a bit...bleh on this game. I hear/hope that EX improves on that. The game's kb/m controls are fine.

Junk - I agree the 3 sets of junk is odd, and was just oddly implemented. It made for some decent 'what should I choose to upgrade' choices early on but quickly changes to '♥♥♥♥ this is just a little too short' or 'boy ive got nothing to upgrade' lol And actually, blue far outstrips red or yellow in quantity gained. I screwed myself early on by being 400+ points behind in blue compared to yellow n red. now im at 11k/14k/12k respectively. The lack of things beyond repair kits (Which are themselves unneeded with high hp and super zypher) is a definite problem...it's too easy to max stuff out before you've 100%'d the game...but I cant dock em too heavily. This is their first venture into a 'serious game', and hopefully EX and/or a sequel only improves on this flaws and the positive/neutral points.

Upgrades - It's not just damage, but also areas of effect or speed. The reason for that is they're needed to SS a stage usually. You'd be hard pressed to SS a stage with level 1 anything (except maybe proton or berzerker) in half of par time or below, especially trying to farm 99 combo and the required materials. Upgrades are less for 'big bad enemies' and more for helping increase run n grind times. Grenades are hardly limited use/range, since at max level they have a very huge radius and they're one of the few things that can go through shocker shields n sometimes still hit through some bosses shields. The propulsion was an interesting mechanic I felt, to further increase usefulness and sarcity of junk early on since you had to choose between spare junk for upgrades or keeping grenades stocked for leaps...though there weren't that many overall...I think the upgrades being added onto the datacubes could've been an interesting spin on things, though that'd mean, even with only one junk type, it'd be even easier to stockpile it and max out grenade/repair supplies...even with adjusted numbers :/

Medkits - 'Medkits can be made, which means there's no challenge evar'...I mean not really true. Some boss fights and/or enemies can lock you in place while taking damage from multiple and/or constant sources, during which you cant use kits. And early on, it's hard to focus on buying upgrades and kits together.

EMP - The EMP grenade was good in theory, but due to how difficulty/hp/damage values ended up...it really was only useful for opening some secret passages.

Dash/roll - Pause. Air dash IS a free ability, and it's one you get for S rank. Air propulse, which is the grenade launch, is different.

Suits - There are points to the other suits...perhaps try reading my or the other guy's guide to them before running your mouth off without researching? lol It never says to switch suits for the heat haze. Ever. And don't tell me it does, because I did 3 or 4 new saves, ran all of them through level 2 and 2 or 3 of them through all levels.

Weapons - Hardly. The blaster does more damage per shot at a decent fire rate. The SMG does a bit less at a far faster rate. The blaster's range is faster than the emitter's by quite a bit, I dunno where you're coming from...The AoE from Photon at max level is insane, and this proves you've put maybe...an hour or 2 into the game tops. It also has the highest damage in the game at max level (Tied with berzerker) and barely trails behin berz at 1 and 2. It's also got a static fire rate that's not too bad...Most reliable since berz has u melt.

Rolling continued? - Because rolling was still needed to advance the stages? You seriously can't expect to tell me that you're attacking rolling for being a starting function....EVERY game has starting functions that get replaced. Gonna attack them too? And it is better...which is why it gets replaced by dash.

Grind - You do need to grind, yes, but it's definitely not much. Not nearly as bad as you make it out to be (its like 20-30 seconds tops). Hard makes em a bit faster n hit a bit harder...I agree the game's difficulty is not very high, and it gets easier as your stuff gets stronger...but something being easy is not necessarily 'BAD GAME WORST EVAR'...just means it's a good/decent game at best, which for a first time outing is perfectly okay.

Text - You can spam clicks to go through it, the lack of a skip is present in many past and current games, and will be in the future. If you're gonna ♥♥♥♥♥ about it now, I best hear you tell me you hate OoT, Fallout, TES, and many many many many others.

Combos - I agree combo system is flawed since there's a limit, it's easy to reach/farm/spam, and there's no 'leaderboards' for the game despite it's very arcadey feel.

Sections/transitions - I agree on the screen transition issue, and hopefully EX/sequel(s) improve on how it works/functions.

Zypher - Because rule of cool. And past the first use its like..2 or 3 seconds tops lol.

Recovery - Same as megaman. You best be attacking megaman for it. I do agree, however, it's definitely slower the more HP boosts you have...a slight boost in speed wouldn't be amiss, but it's not that bad of a flaw if its 3 seconds more at best.

Achievements - All achievements are one of three categories; grindy, challenging, progression. Some would argue they're ALL grindy, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong...If you don't like them, don't go for them.

Glitches - Glitches? Such as? Never heard or seen of any beyond some boxes being invisible because I alt tabbed (in which case it was my fault not the games)

Episodes - There's no guarantee of that. EX is coming to XBLA soon, hopefully with a PC release....that could lead into sequels if EX is better received. You want future episodes that can improve the game? Give EX a try and/or support them enough for one more try. Stop ♥♥♥♥♥ing about a new IP from a Dev trying for the first time at a serious game, and give em a shot to redeem/improve themselves. It's people whining like you do and over exaggerating the issue(s) involved that account for so many IPs dying, both indie and AAA.

Crates - Crates? In a place involved in lots of shipping/recycling/boxing of materials? ♥♥♥♥ SON, NEXT YOU'LL COMPLAIN ABOUT SEEING STACKS OF WOOD AT A MILL!

We've been over transitions...no need to repeat.

Secrets - So you mean you may need to repeat some levels for secrets? Memorization? Say it ain't so! OH WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO SARGE?! WHAT'RE WE GONNA DO?! Cause your beloved megaman (Which I love too) DIDN'T DO THE SAME THING...Oh...wait...

Shooting Galleries - Most of the shooting galleries are story and not bonus...I agree, can be boring.

Enemy synergy - Really? I felt the red/purple/blue sections of Stage 5 were rather well synergized, and plenty of sections worked decently together, considering the difficulty (level) of this game. If the difficulty made it much harder in damage/health, then perhaps you'd have rated their synergy higher?

Boss prediction - Lol Yes bosses do telegraph. Read my guide. I explain it, and if you watch Fabios videos in my guide, you can see the moves telegraphed. Pay attention.
[LT3] Eon 20 Sie, 2013 - 8:27 
Also read your complaints of stage 5's boss...you do know you can move left and right to juke it's laser, right? You do know you can go up above to juke it and drop below? You do know only one green fires at a time, so go to the other side, right?
Seriously, that blue laser is easy. Far harder things in castlevania n megaman n so many other side scrollers.
I'm not saying this game's perfect. I'm not saying it's amazing or great...but IMO, it's decent/good...maybe okay if you want to say...but it's decent enough to be worth giving it a true shot, and giving the devs another shot via hopefully EX or EP2, which requires one to not be an assuming and whiny child :/

If this game is so badly designed, and you said you could do better....I'll be waiting for a game. And I'll give it an earnest try. So go on now, get started. Make a side scroller with as much content, music, art, level length, etc. And do it in like..2 years because that's how long they did this one I'm guessing. Tic toc.
Zero 20 Sie, 2013 - 10:09 
This looks fun, let's see:

Ad hominems are very classy.

Clarification: I did not mean "worst game ever", I have played worse. It's pretty mediocre all around however. That might have come across wrong in terms of my writing however. I suppose the excrutiatingly detailed teardown was part exercise and part entertainment for me.

I recognize it's a wall of text in many spots, I apologize for that, it stems from me taking my notes mostly directly from the file I wrote them into. Part of the problem is that a lot of single notes are basically one liners. Do you think using [ list ] would help?
EDIT: I tried it for a bit, is this more readable? :/ Steam doesn't really have much of a decent formatting for single lines.

This is not a review of some hypothetical improved EX version, this is a review of the game as it is. Whether or not EX will fix any of the numerous shortcomings is a pointless matter to debate for a lack of facts.

Story: You basically say there is one good idea to the story, one single idea you like. That essentially amounts to "not notable". Additionally, that's simply a detail of the setting, not related to the plot.

Graphics: Yes, it's stylized art. The problem is that it's pretty badly drawn. Just look at the Dr. in the intro cutscene, yikes.

Resources: 11k vs. 14k is hardly "far outstrips". That's still within the range of probability. And would probably depend on the exact requirements of the upgrades too.
Oh, and then there's the part where you now have LOTS of scrap you have no use for whatsoever. And probably stopped having a use for for hours.

Upgrades: Speed = DPS = Damage. AoE admittedly increases, but even then only for the Shockwave gun a bit and for the launcher. It does not really change their functionality a whole lot.
Next, why exactly is NEEDING to upgrade to get an SS rank a good thing? As opposed to making it a more skill-based matter, but haha, outside of bosses almost everything is a joke anyway.
I don't think I ever had to choose between an upgrade or getting a grenade, you can get a chip in stage 3? 2? that reduces their cost too.
More upgrades for hidden datacubes would have been nice, but their way of "hiding" something is more or less a joke.

Medkits: Why would stunlocking you to death be a good thing when without it, you could just heal the damage? Fixing one broken mechanic with another broken mechanic is not a good approach.

Dash: I didn't know there is an air dash, but if you say S rank... is that for overall S rank? Because you can only get that on hard, after grinding AND finishing the game. So basically, my note about this being a "first run" playthrough applies. Not to mention, when you can reach S, you are mostly done with the game anyway.
Above notes are void if it's just reaching S in a single stage.

Rolling #2: Uh, you mostly needed that as slide replacement. And for those unnecessary EMP fan wall things. The dash is strictly superior and has actual combat utility. I just don't see why it should not have simply been the default.

Suits: So what IS the point? As I read up on it, three out of 6 suits change nothing. One is only used for the Berserk gun, one grants immunity to the gas, which is useful in... two spots? And the last suit is only unlocked for SS ranking everything which I had no intention of doing.
Counterpoint: Why exactly can't these be upgrades? Why does the Berserk gun need a separate suit?
Switching: Uh, level 1, the warning sign before entering the heat area. It's in the background.
Even tells you to "Stay safe" or something to that extent.

Text: Sure, other games have the same issue and I'd criticize them for that too!

Glitches: I've listed the ones I encountered, if you don't believe me then I can't really help you there. You can see an odd glitch or two in the youtube playthroughs I think. Also, you could test the level 5 elevator glitch yourself, all you probably need to do is die against the boss, then use a grenade on the elevator after hitting continue, I used a downwards grenade. Though I obviously can't guarantee it works.

Weapons: RoF plays into DPS and as such is a meaningless separator when your natural fire rate is high. I've seen a video of the max level launcher and insane is not what I'd describe its AoE as. So it comes down to damage, again. Doubly so against most bosses which are largely single targets.
Edit: Additionally, a fully maxed out launcher would have to compete against other fully maxed out weapons, all of which utterly decimate enemies. So it's not like the AoE offsets the slower RoF by all that much when everything dies in moments anyway.

Recovery: And one of the issues commonly fixed by Mega Man romhacks is the delay when filling up bars, that should tell you something.

Episodes: Uh, interest in future episodes would exist if I had any reason to assume they would do a good job. I don't. You don't get a second chance when your first is below par and many games do it better. To be blunt, I won't shed a tear if the company goes under and something else takes its place. There are hundreds of indie games being made all the time. Most are garbage, few are good, and losing the dead weight is hardly a concern.

EDIT: This sounds harsh, so I'll add this. If they DO somehow turn things around and make something genuinely good, then hell yes I'll give them money. It's just that exceptionally few teams go from mediocre to stellar. In the indie community, it's more that mediocre teams stay mediocre unfortunately.

Secrets: What makes you think I like that part about Mega Man? Heck, Mega Man certainly has some stupidly hidden secrets with fake walls or fake death pits, not going to excuse any of them.

Crates: So how does that make them any more interesting?

Synergy: Uh, no, synergy is about enemy types working together meaningfully to increase the challenge. Green is mostly individual stompers and as such there's hardly synergy to be had. Blue has cannons that could be good, but has the offscreen charging issues.
A good example of syngery would be the upwards tunnel in... level 4 I think? or 5 maybe. It has enemies that shoot down in a arc and are placed above you in a way that you need to get in their range of fire to hit them. That's using the terrain to make them more effective against you. Until you get out the shockwave gun.

Telegraphing: The issue is not that they don't telegraph. The issue is what you'd read a hint for in terms of incoming attack pattern. The worm raising itself up is not much of a hint that your platform will get pierced in a moment. Most of these issues happen only until you learn what a telegraph ACTUALLY means, but still.

Blue Laser: Yeah, no doubt you can. I didn't mean that as disclaimer it should be removed, it's more that the other turrets are ineffectual. Laser is annoying at best. Addendum: I recognize I phrased it badly, I won't change it for now and leave it as is for the sake of the discussion.

I gave it a true shot, I found it severely lacking.

Additionally, one can understand how something is flawed without being engaged in the craft itself. I don't have the capabilities to make a game yet (though I did specify "better levels" to be exact), and I can still tell just how much better other games did it. Same way you can tell a bad book from a good one, or a badly drawn piece of art from an exquisite piece. You may lack the vocabulary to express why you think so however.

EDIT: Another last word, one of points of my write up was to point out how the game design is flawed even in the small stage moments ("rooms"). Many of the gameplay issues could be fixed, but they evidently did not see the level design as problematic and as such, I have thusly no reason to assume any sequel will be better. And that's without more conceptual topics such as gameplay flow.
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Zero; 20 Sie, 2013 - 10:54
veil66 21 Sie, 2013 - 18:17 
Okay, if your problem is with the controles, use a frigging mouse! I mean, your using a computer!
Zero 22 Sie, 2013 - 3:59 
I did, I just mentioned that issue for completion's sake.
antipativome 23 Sie, 2013 - 12:42 
is it normal that i still want to play the game tho? XD
Lightbearer 2 Wrz, 2013 - 16:34 
Well thought out review. Thanks for posting. :)
Anrothan 3 Wrz, 2013 - 14:46 
I played it.. thought it was ok. not one of my favs tho. I give it a of 5
Ishbane 5 Wrz, 2013 - 6:07 
I liked the game and it made me want to play X8 again.

Nice and thorough review though. Sadly i don't have stars or thumbs up, so have a.. star? instead:
PropHet 8 Wrz, 2013 - 14:10 
It reminds me of old school metroid.
Dread Guacamole 9 Wrz, 2013 - 16:26 
Just finished it. It's a decent game, with a ton of flaws, but overall pretty good for a tiny indie game. Can't you seriously find something more deserving of your (very thorough, I must say) hate?
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