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[LT3] Eon 2013年7月26日 5時49分
Simple advice/tips/help to share towards 100%-ing A.R.E.S!
Figured I'd make a thread here in the hope(s) that folks would share, not necessarily just for me or for themselves, but for anyone who pops in wondering...well...just how does one 100% A.R.E.S? What are the tips for getting SS rankings? Where are all the data cube locations? Just what IS every control/button/function in the game?

Figured, with some parts of this game being more easily forgetable/overlookable, and the available information for this game in guides/videos/google searches being...less than stellar....Why not make a thread for folks to share their advice?

This game isn't perfect...it certainly has its share of flaws, that can be agreed...but it's not bad. 2, maybe even 3 out of 5 in my book, especially for the price it's at and how it was the team's first outing....

Truth be told, I was utterly shocked to find NOTHING for this game on gamefaqs...almost no board threads, no wiki info, no walkthroughs...hell I can't find a walkthrough anywhere for 100%-ing, and certainly not on steam's guides section...though I may consider making one if I must go it alone lol...Some of the cubes I've overlooked though so I'll have to try n run through all zones again to try n learn where I missed some :X

EDIT: Okay so I'm at 27/28....I cannot, for the life of me, think of the cube that I missed other than I know I'm at 4/5 for Stage 3....any suggestions/help/assistance?
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Faucon 2013年7月29日 11時55分 
This thread is a good idea, cos I agree there is nothing for A.R.E.S.
Perhaps If you know well the game, consider making a short guide explaining the achievements will be a good step forward.
[LT3] Eon 2013年7月29日 12時12分 
I was thinking of it. Personally working on perfect boss and SS of stage 4. Gonna be a pain lol...Just got stage 3 perfect and it's SS. Then I'll prob have to go for a stage 5 A or S ranking to get the SS cheevo x.x
Faucon 2013年7月29日 23時11分 
Here's a link with SS achievements (Videos).
[LT3] Eon 2013年7月30日 2時11分 
Yeah, been using fabio's vids as guideline. Will prob contact him n see if he's cool if I make a steam guide and his his vids for reference material for some of the cheevos.
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