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Darko 2013年7月3日 20時08分
Ctrl+T? Seriously?
Why such a weird and awkward non-configurable key combination to swap suits, instead of just a single configurable key?
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ShawnS 2013年7月6日 14時29分 
I've been playing again today and wondered that too. Only thing I can figure is the costumes are PC exclusive bonuses/DLC so they never bound the change to a button. Weird.
Carlovic 2013年7月8日 7時37分 
but is it really so hard to fix?
flamepanther 2013年7月10日 6時58分 
There seems to be an undocumented button combo for it. I recently managed to (accidentally) switch to the Berzerker suit without using the menu or touching the keyboard. I wish I knew what I pressed to do that though,
ZeroX  [開発者] 2013年7月11日 1時48分 
Pressing both Left and Right Analog of Xbox controller will also change suit.
JackFlash 2013年7月15日 0時07分 
Well. I dont have an Xbox-Controller so this won't work for me, but i think its just unnecessary to switch so much. Most of the DLC-suits have no real advantages according to the guide. Otherwise get a configurable controller of any kind. Have tried the G13 by myself. Works fine.
TsaebehT 2014年1月17日 8時09分 
I know I'm a little late to the discussion but considering this game looks pretty flawless using NVIDIA 3D Vision there may be a bit of a conflict as it also uses Ctrl+T to toggle Stereoscopic 3D On and Off. So glad I'm using a controller ...
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