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This is unreachable with keyboard and mouse!
This is unreachable with keyboard and mouse!
you must jump and climb and jump forward

ceci est injoignable avec le clavier et la sourie !
vous devez sauter et grimper et sauter en avant.

DEMO not french :(
Good game :)
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redzrex 20. Juni 2013 um 21:50 Uhr 
which part? there are some part in ealier stage you need to go through several stage later to unlock new features to get to place where you can't before, just keep playing and return back to where you can't reach.
spy-warrior 22. Juni 2013 um 22:33 Uhr 
When I play with the keyboard and mouse,
I have to press three keypad to:
jump and climb and jump forward.

Quand je joue avec le clavier et la souris,
je dois appuyer sur trois touche du clavier pour:
sauter et grimper et sauter vers l'avant.
Kirby4Life 24. Juni 2013 um 13:08 Uhr 
so your saying you dont like pressing 3 buttons at the same time?? Just keep trying... youll get the timing down sooner or later.... or buy a cheap $10 gamepad??
spy-warrior 25. Juni 2013 um 9:34 Uhr 
logitech precision gamepad blue
error configuring to gamepad in game :(
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Kohlstream 11. Juli 2013 um 7:20 Uhr 
I know it might be a bit costly but i'd recommend buying an xbox 360 controller (for windows). It's supported natively by loads of games.
Drackiller 14. Okt. 2013 um 14:44 Uhr 
I have the same problem jumping over obsticails with the xbox 360 controler and the keybord is no better.
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