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Dekkart 18. Juni 2013 um 9:54 Uhr
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... and that was it. Mouse or Keyboard dont respond, nothing happens cool music but all I can do is alt+tab out and close via task manager. Anybody else with this problem? Do I need a Gamepad for this?
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[//] Speed Lancer 19. Juni 2013 um 2:28 Uhr 
I've just had a similar problem, except the entry field wouldn't respond to my keyboard while I could move the mouse around. I've run this game on this PC before, sometime last year, and had no such trouble. I also have an Xbox controller plugged in that works with all my other controller-enabled games, and it didn't respond to that either.
Dekkart 20. Juni 2013 um 4:32 Uhr 
In the meanwhile, it worked for me after just restarting Steam. However, the game sometimes swaps my keybindings during play. The Mouse-Keyboard impelementation really seems to me kind of heavily bugged.
Doppelgänger 21. Juni 2013 um 23:10 Uhr 
I'm experiencing this right now =( Going to try rebooting Steam....
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