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exPGamer01 2013年6月13日 11時34分
Fps cap at 57 fps ?
Its normal ? my other games is capped at 60 when vynsc is on
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GAX-777-RUS 2013年6月14日 0時13分 
Its Normal
eddy 2013年6月20日 14時55分 
I think the bigger problem is that it doesn't seem to support (at least in the options menu) resolutions higher than 1920x1200. I'm on a system with 2560x1440 native resolution and it's not in the list.
redzrex 2013年6月20日 21時49分 
@eddy, its normal for a small indie game like this to not support high end res
Gregory 2013年6月21日 4時59分 
Well if you play the demo, fps cap is at 60, but when i bought the game, AFTER i played the demo, the full game is capping me at 54-55 fps.WTF?
Premchand 2014年1月15日 5時49分 
Mine is capped at 45 making it feel crappy
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