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RenzoR 2013年3月9日 18時18分
Found it hard to play without a gamepad.
Not a big fan of games that require you to do jump jump jump puzzles. If you could skip the jumping puzzles and just kill stuff I'd still be playing the game.
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Red Guard 2013年6月17日 4時46分 
Gigglemoo 2013年6月17日 10時31分 
Yes... on one computer those jumping puzzles were practically impossible for me. Took like an hour to get past the bug.

On another computer, I did them all first try. Both were mouse & keyboard, maybe there's a technical reason you're having trouble jumping?
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Dovecoon 2013年6月17日 13時36分 
I'm using a gamepad and find the jumping response awful. I'm just about ready to uninstall thanks to how ridiculously unresponsive the jumping, among other things, is. Tried it on both keyboard and gamepad and very often, he just won't jump on either.
xBlack 2013年6月17日 13時39分 
I am finding the KB/mouse real nice. But im forced to use them, because the game wont recognize my logitech game pad.
Cdr.Keen 2013年6月20日 4時26分 
i need to figure out how to walk and jump + shoot. i use the 360 controller. it's impossible for me to shoot with the right dual stick while hitting "A" with the same thumb.

LordLokai 2013年6月20日 11時03分 
my only gripe is that it forces you to use the analog i'd much rather use the D-Pad for games like this, and its not an option. If you try and use the d-pad bind with say xpadder it only moves you doesnt aim...leading to some issues... may fiddle and try and bind it properly. Other then that only problem i have is that if you are falling on a box or object it considers you in the air and only get second part of the double jump... thus some of puzzles should be easy arent. But responsiveness? not had an issue there.
akuchan 2013年6月21日 0時54分 
Same, definitely better played with a pad.
˜”*°•.Goldberg.•°*”˜ 2013年6月21日 4時59分 
do not agree. The problem in your crab claws. Change them on a human hands or use all five fingers
RenzoR 2013年6月22日 12時00分 
It's also hard to get a good view of the computer monitor from way down here in the live crab tank at the supermarket. Thanks for the advice.
Cunin 2013年6月26日 7時09分 
I played the first 3 levels with mouse+keyboard and found no problems controlling it, although off-screen enemies and foreground hiding stuff from your view is annoying sometimes, but that's unrelated to control.
etherd 2013年6月27日 14時06分 
It seems a bit hard to do jumps at times.
Cunin 2013年6月27日 15時23分 
well ye when you start to need to use grenades to make a bigger jump, things gets harder with keyboard. Also I noticed that when you get hit, your character stops any movement, making it even harder (or is that my impression?).
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