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Citizenship 2013年11月1日下午10:25
I think this game is not bad.
This game is similar to ROCKMAN. I'm a ROCKMAN fan, so I also like this game. There is a problem with jumping, it's too slow to avoid assaults rapidly. I think it's must be improved, and I hope that it will release the 2nd generation.
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marco.nadal.75 2013年11月6日上午5:38 
I thought you brought up an interesting point, so I fired up a copy of Megaman (US version of Rockman) on an emulator so I could compare with ARES. I find their jumping and movement physics quite similar. The most crucial difference between the two is this: ARES has a lot more abilities than Rock/Megaman, he can double jump, slide, fire in all directions etc., this allows stage design to be more "loose" and less focused than Rock's games, where the game is built entirely around Rock's limited movement.

Using a dual stick control scheme with jump & grenade on the shoulder buttons will allow you to destroy those fast, aggressive enemies before they can touch your robot!
lPaladinl 2013年11月6日下午7:10 
The only thing I really dislike about this game is a lot of the time I feel like the Camera is zoomed too far in, and it makes me feel like I have no map space. It's also difficult to tell death pits from safe areas to drop down into.

Otherwise, I like their concept. I actually do want to see an ARES 2 or anything else they can cook up. I think they can make some really great titles with just a little more polish.
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Azrael 2013年11月26日下午2:03 
I also think the game is not bad at all, although really short. I was a Megaman fan when I was younger, played most of the games on NES, Super NES and PlayStation, but I found A.R.E.S. quite similar to a "MegaMan X" game (the series I prefer), and not to the classic MegaMan games.

Still, A.R.E.S. is a fun game to play. Too bad it was abandoned and we will never see a sequel :(
Neninx10  [开发者] 2013年12月2日上午9:19 
Hey Guys! We are glad that you like and enjoy our A.R.E.S. :)

A.R.E.S. is our first game and We'd love to see it evolve more than anyone else. Megaman X is absolutely one of our inspiration, along side with Metroid, Contra, etc. They are all awesome and we couldn't be happier to see you guys mention these games.

We might be slow since we've just finished ARES.EX for XBLA a few months ago and now we are really working hard on our Kickstarter Project, "So Many Me". But we can guarantee you that the game will never been abandoned. In fact, we try to make its sequel the best possible game. Stay tuned!
lPaladinl 2013年12月2日下午6:08 
Awesome, one of the Developers replied to this thread. :P

I really do look forward to an ARES 2 or similar, whatever day that may be. I also took a quick look at So Many Me, and it looks really nice, though it may not be my cup of Tea. :P Still, I wish the Devs good luck with both games.
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