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kirbman101 2014年2月7日下午7:12
Bug reports
Post your bug reports here. Hopefully the developers will see this thread and we can all help improve the game.
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kirbman101 2014年2月7日下午7:13 
When you get the first database entry, Valkyl says that they are "perminatly" stored in the database. This should say "permanently".
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kirbman101 2014年2月7日下午7:18 
The Engineering Pod's database description says that it is "designed to maintenance the system", which should be "designed to maintain the system".
kirbman101 2014年2月7日下午9:20 
The bombers on the hive right after getting the prototype suit don't actually seem to be there, and stay there after killing the hive.
kirbman101 2014年2月8日下午9:41 
Repair menu > Items tab > Descriptions display default keys even if custom keys are assigned.
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