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The Really Big "Unofficial" Commander Keen FAQ
by Flaose
THE DEFINITIVE Commander Keen guide, now specially edited and prepared for Steam!...
Keen 4 - Keen being rude
by λ George λ
A guide on how to make Commander keen mooney you....
Commander Keen - Screen Configuration
by kerj55
Hello folks! I've some issues playing this awesome old-school game in fullscreen, so after changing resolution that I got is a very tiny screen, so it's impossible to play! But after doing some experiments, I’ve found a solution to fix this. Hope this...
Create shortcuts for individual Keen games
by Tim
This guide explains how to create individual shortcuts to each Keen game....
How to Find a Super Secret Level (Episode I)
by gamingforfun365
Apparently, there is a super secret level I just discovered on the following day. That level has countless items to collect, which b oosts your old score into a b eafy one! And I know how to go over there. If you want to go over to the secret ...
Commander Keen 1-5 - Codes & Secrets
by Jr786 Neil Watts/Eva Rosalene
This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for all 5 Commander Keen Games that are on Steam....
Commander Genius source port - Launching through Steam
by Blackbird
This will show you a way to launch all the episodes through Steam with Commander Genius source port to use Steam overlay and track your game time....
Commander Keen - CGenius Guide
by AngelGraves13
Play Commander Keen 1-6 in Commander Genius (CGenius)...
Standard Galactic Alphabet
by JinJan
The Standard Galactic Alphabet is the lingua franca, or common language, used by alien races....
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