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Commander Keen - Screen Configuration
by kerj55
Hello folks! I've some issues playing this awesome old-school game in fullscreen, so after changing resolution that I got is a very tiny screen, so it's impossible to play! But after doing some experiments, I’ve found a solution to fix this. Hope this...
Keen 4 - Keen being rude
by λ George λ
A guide on how to make Commander keen mooney you....
How to Find a Super Secret Level (Episode I)
by smccluney_new
Apparently, there is a super secret level I just discovered on the following day. That level has countless items to collect, which b oosts your old score into a b eafy one! And I know how to go over there. If you want to go over to the secret ...
Create shortcuts for individual Keen games
by Tim
This guide explains how to create individual shortcuts to each Keen game....
The Really Big "Unofficial" Commander Keen FAQ
by Flaose
THE DEFINITIVE Commander Keen guide, now specially edited and prepared for Steam!...
Commander Keen 1-5 - Codes & Secrets
by Jr786 Neil Watts/Eva Rosalene
This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for all 5 Commander Keen Games that are on Steam....
Standard Galactic Alphabet
by JinJan
The Standard Galactic Alphabet is the lingua franca, or common language, used by alien races....
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