E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

Evilnapkin Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:49pm
Is the game better than the demo?
I got to the demo mission and enemies on the other end of the map kept rushing over to me... I was playing stealthy, but it seems like as soon as one person knows you're there everyone does. And the shooting mechanics aren't very good either...
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Huh. Haven't played this game for a few months, but I did put a fair bit of hours in it and the problem you are describing sounds...odd. What do you mean by "playing stealthy"? Did you use cloaking? Sniping? Anyways, every enemy on the map shouldn't know where you are just by attacking one of them.
ALTHOUGH - I never played a demo, but this sounds like you are playing one of those random, not-campaign-related missions. These are a bit different than playing campaign in that fact that yes, at the moment you spawn, there is usually a large wave of enemies heading directly your way. And after that they spawn again in short time, although this time IIRC they move just in your general direction, not directly to you.
Also - back when the game came out, there were several issues regarding stealth play. That is, stealth play wasn't really possible due to all-knowing, all-seeing AI. So MAYBE the demo is from that old version of the game?
As for shooting mechanics - dunno, I find them excellent. Really, I find whole game amazing, I'm actually a bit obsessed with it so maybe my comment is a bit biased. But yeah, it's not a game for everyone.

Aslo check the "Is this game any good?" topic on this forums started by TheFlyingWombat. There's 5 pages worth of comment why and why this game is good/bad.
My advice tthough - buy it NOW, it 75% off, ffs! :o
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Alien Mc Beal Jul 22, 2013 @ 7:12am 
Some updates and fixes made in the game have not been put in the demo, but the game is globally the same as said by Mindjacker.

Stealth is not really easy in E.Y.E, especially when you begin with a new character. Some advices to make stealth easier:

-Use the CyberCloak to become invisible, but be aware that when you run the cloak system, it emits a sound that can be heard.
- Try to improve your cyberlegs as soon as possible (I know it cost some money), it will let you move faster but also more quietly.
- The heavier is your armor the more you are noisy.
- When sprinting, you make more noise.
- When crouching, you make less noise and your stamina increases faster (or decrease lower if you are using cloak or another cyber implant).
- In the game option, go to the AI tab and choose the Stealth preset. It will make the AI comportment to be more like in a Stealth oriented game.
-Try using silent weapons (Bosco, motra)
Anodyne Jul 22, 2013 @ 9:38pm 
its an rpg.... they never do rpg demos right.
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