E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

Open questions and possibilities (SPOILER warning)
Hello guys. I just finished my third playthrough of EYE and reached the real ending with Circe (and well, I've been having doubts about Rimanah's secret for a while), but I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye, because
Circe mentions that you are still trapped in your cycles, and not yet awaken

Furthermore, there are still four doors in the secondary missions room that do not open, let alone the one in the corridor.
So, there are two main things I wonder.
*Is it possible to join the metastreumonic force?
In the Noctis Labyrintus level, in the crypt, there is a werewolf you can talk to, who invites you to join him, it's just dialogue options don't let you.
In the New Eden level and the Monolith level, there are neutral metastreums who talk to you. I wonder if there are other, say, one per level, whom you have to talk to, but I didn't find any in the greenish first level (can't recall the name), nor in the second or third missions.
Does anyone has found any in those?
Also, I still miss four items in my research stuffy thingy. I've checked, it says the last research is called metastreumonic complementarity or something. Did anyone tried to speak to the werewolf after researching this thing? Does it changes anything in the dialogue options?
Plus, I wonder if it is possible to play without killing any metastreum. That's what I'll try in my next run, see if it changes anything (and that's where kills from machines, summons or people you hack not counting as yours would actually make some sense)

*Second, is it possible to join the Juan?
When you start a game, be it in this dreamy thing, HQ or a mission area, it says "you are on team Culter" (Like Culter Dei), and the "Purge" shows doors in the Juan Di HQ, just like the secondary mission doors in the temple, so I wonder, but I have no clue at all on how to do it.

Actually, those to me are open questions, because I've unlocked all story-related achievements, but seeing how the developers hid stuff in their game, I would not be surprised if a hidden ending would exist with nothing attached to it but the player experience.

To conclude, here is my theory on this awakening, breaking cycles thing (aside from its links with indian religion).
When we play, especially from the second run on, we search, but we don't know what. We look for hidden things, trying to understand what the hell is happening, what was REALLY happening, so, we are looking for meaning.
Second, when you speak to Mentor, Mysterious and Rimanah in the dream after killing Rimanah, Mentor asks us more or less if we know who we are, and Rimanah asks if we were not lost from the beginning.
Third, the Manduco in the New Eden Level speaks about the cycles of his guilt/ failure/ sin/ stuff. He mentions the three gates of the artefact, the three psy powers we collect through the correct endings, as if he could be us.
Fourth, the Werewolf at the beginning of the last level when we follow Rimanah's instructions on Mars and kill the Mentor says he's surprised that we can see him. To me, it shows a strong link with the metastreumonic force (and it can't be due to the genes from the Force implemented in our body, otherwise he wouldn't be surprised if an EYE's agent could see him)
Fifth, the last level being a dream of some kind, some of the remarks and dialogues from the EYE agents afterwards (Rimanah being an hallucination, the Mentor supposed to be dead and so on) could imply to me that the hole thing could be a sort of dream, as Circe and Mysterious' last comment suggests it.
So. Linked with the story the three women tell in the Monolith level and their various explanations of their own tales, I think that the true identity of the player is Shinji, the one whose name shall not be said. But I have no way to prove it. Yet :)
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Paulie Feb 9, 2013 @ 4:09pm 
You are on Jian faction in a few missions, and also it was said somewhere that doors only open at certain times, so it could have something to do with lunar cycles or specific hours of specific days of the week.

and /Spoiler/ You learn that rimanah had killed his wife before the events of the game, but at the end you speak with a woman (NOT A SYNICLE even though she uses the skin of one) and she calls you her "Love" so that leads to one very dramatic conclusion... you ARE Rimanah. /Spoiler/
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Huitzilopoltchi Feb 10, 2013 @ 1:44am 
You are skinned as Juan, but as a covert agent for the Culter Dei, and when the mission starts it still says "You are on team Culter".
I'm speaking of playing as a Juan, in their temple, and taking orders and missions from them.
As for Rimanah's secret, I had doubts since I linked two intermission dialogues: Mentor speaking of our wife and the man just next to Rimanah's desk who tells us a story about the woman seeking forbidden knowledge on a commandant's behalf.

But to me, that is not it; it does not explain everything, as for why Circe says you are not awaken, why we are still trapped in circles, why the only exit in the place she leads us to is to break the seal and come back to the circles.
If the streumonic complementarity is so hard to get, I think it means it has some hidden implications, because considering the real impact stats have on your skills, I am not sure a +3 everywhere is enough. The sheer name itches me.
Ajay Feb 10, 2013 @ 11:03am 
no she says: dont destroy the circle when i send you to your peace.
the end is terrible, you can jsut life in this.. island to avoid your faith to do everything again and again. And to show taht you will do it, you breack the stone and go back.
Huitzilopoltchi Feb 10, 2013 @ 12:02pm 
Maybe you're right.
Maybe this is just how they picture it, when you're extracting yourself from the wheel of reincarnation to merge in something bigger than you.
Did you by any chance get the Metastreumonic Complementarity and tried to talk to the werewolf?
Ajay Feb 12, 2013 @ 3:07pm 
iam on it, it just takes with even 300k credits 35 days ingame, i will tell you in a few days
Archlich Mar 28, 2013 @ 10:24am 
Those four unopened doors could corespond to four new colo/co-op maps coming in the update.
I believe Shinji and White Wolf were merged to an entity of Messenger, that was captured by Secreta and it's DNA used to create E.Y.E. agents. Rimanah was one of those agents, he lost his mind (sichizophrenia maybe?), killed his wife Circe and was doomed to live his nightmare all over again without remembering his true identity, repressing his memory himself, circling on the events that were just his hallucinations. And to break the circle you just have to stop continuing it. Just enjoy your stay at the island.
It's a strange way to end the game, but somehow it's rather logical, considering player's sinful deeds, and it works for this game.
To be fair, this whole story with metastreumonic forces may be one's sick mind's delusion.
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Huitzilopoltchi May 2, 2013 @ 7:06am 
I don't know...
It could.
*But then, if the Metastreum in the New Eden level speaks about the three keys of the artefact, which has link to our storyline, why would'nt the three women in white in the Monolith level?
*How about the invisible metastreum surprised that we can see him even if he knows Secreta Agents have metrastreum genes in their veins?
*How about this "You are on team Culter" at the beginnning of each session, and the look of the Juan-Di temple?
*What then about this Metastreum that propose to join him when the dialogue options don't let us?

Maybe I am overthinking this, but I admit that the idea of the developpers managing to give meaning related to the story with the very fact that we are doing consecutive runs (and the way we are doing them) is really appealing to my ears ^^
I think that even though the story might be great, storytelling skills of developers are incredibly poor and harmful for the game. A lot of moments that should be obvious to watchful players let unnesesary space for wild speculations.
It looks like devs don't say a lot of things not for the sake of mistery, but rather they haven't figured out a proper way to tell it to observative players.
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Huitzilopoltchi May 2, 2013 @ 8:22am 
As I said, maybe I am overthinking all this...
But it's true the way they throw in all the background of their universe (including the stuff with aliens and spacewar an♥♥♥♥♥♥ show they didn't know how to do it properly, as for the tutorials... But for the rest... I dunno... Maybe it was for future content... maybe it was loops in their own games that let whole sides unexplained... Or maybe they planned it. Only they can tell.
Zethell Sep 3, 2014 @ 6:57am 
you are Rimanah.
Huitzilopoltchi Sep 3, 2014 @ 7:59am 
... Nirvair, I wouldn't want to be mean or impolite, but what you said, is the basis upon which we were having this conversation ^^
SgtGrim Oct 2, 2014 @ 1:17am 
If you have a very high jump level, I suggest you check out the vents in the first mission, there are a lot of interesting areas in that map... Also, as for your thoughts on that the story is hiding something more then it is letting on, I have to agree with you, it just feels there are just a lot of missing pieces to the story itself.

Either it is not fully implemented into the game, or perhaps you need certain levels in certain skills to access these areas, we may not know yet until we keep looking through each map, seeing the thinks I keep finding are rather interesting, but very crazily hidden, for I don't know what reason.

I also know is the mission you go into that facility to see what happened to the soldiers with your comrade, where it is said that there was something secret hiding on the planet, I can't shake the feeling there is more then just that trio of synicles there. So, whenever I get my skills up higher, I try to explore more and more, but I feel that once again, I need a higher jump level or something just to reveal these said areas.

When it comes down to it, almost every area in the game have hidden areas, but you need a lot of levels in the jumping department to reach these said areas. I am hoping when I get back into this game, I can try to get the remaining achievements and research I need so I can try to prove this theory.
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Huitzilopoltchi Oct 2, 2014 @ 6:59am 
The metastreumonic thing is the only research missing for me. I've been farming research like crazy, never got one. But I think there is a good chance that this research can change the dialogue option with the werewolf in the martian canyons.
Originally posted by SgtGrim:
When it comes down to it, almost every area in the game have hidden areas, but you need a lot of levels in the jumping department to reach these said areas. I am hoping when I get back into this game, I can try to get the remaining achievements and research I need so I can try to prove this theory.
Dude, just use noclip, then tell us, what have you found.
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