HiSaZuL Dec 9, 2012 @ 2:29am
Favorite weapon loadout.
As the topic says. I'm curious what people have for favorite loadout. The most used one... or the "jack-of-all-trades" selection.
Yes depending on map having Deus Ex, Interceptor it somewhat can limit you to weapons with AP rounds. But still...
For me I can't decide... there are weapons in every category that I can make use of. Very few weapons are useless. Namely GCTG 222 and Betty Boom... those two are the only weapons that I can't see any use for, they have counterparts far superior in every way and unlocked at the same time. Rotten Mound is somewhat of a toss up... I can't recall if KA 93 is available from the start and if it is... then Rotten Mound can join the list if not... its a starter assault rifle but thats about the only good thing about it.
Anyway... my most general, ready for anything set up is: Damocles+TRK+Motra+Medkit.
Damocles for most meta creatures, sinicles and deus ex are the only exceptions. TRK is for sniping and tearing apart deus ex or interceptors. And motra is my go to gun. Despite being smg and fitting into leg slots for pistols... it has pretty decent damage, combined with reflex sight+small zoom, it's wall piercing and has both automatic and semi modes, its better then rotten mound at being assault rifle rather then smg LOL. Hell its more acurate with full auto then KA 93... which is sad.
I'm still not sure what packs a bigger wallop damocles or mortis+wakizashi. The "dual" sword can be charged for 2 crits. so technically they would hit for more then damocles charged hit. Regular hits are harder to judge... damocles has aoe granted it hardly ever htis anything, it does twice as much damage but its also about half the speed of dual swords so who knows. Thats asuming that dual swords do in fact hit twice with charged hit.
The only other load out I use often enough is damocles+s6000+bear killer. It's less friendly at dealing with deus ex... because if you are far you actually have to aim >_>. I prefer zoom when I risk eating a rocket in the face.
Everything else is mostly when I'm bored so I swap to some other weapon to just have fun. Switch to sulf on new eden + invasion and just mow down the oposition lol. Swap to grenade launcher in noctis just because its funny to drop mines from the sky. And so on...
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Catters Dec 9, 2012 @ 8:27pm 
My favorite loadout is the Motra SMG and the Hunting rifle. The Motra has great accuracy and is deceptively powerful, killing most normal-type enemies with a single headshot. For everything it can't kill, the Hunting rifle will kill instead. Good for a character built more around firearms but it's very general-purpose, since after a few playthroughs your stats should be high enough for any mixed strategy. Add a medkit, and for tough situations you can also bring along a Scrab or turret or whatever else. I almost exclusively use that loadout.

For killing standard enemies like Feds and Looters, a fun setup is also the 100-round assault rifle and one of the big revolvers like the 444. If fighting more creatures, swap the AR for the Depezador shotgun.
HiSaZuL Dec 9, 2012 @ 8:36pm 
Yeah motra really is deceptively powerful. It's one of the most accurate weapons under full auto without using targeting system. The only other weapon that comes close is s6000 sadly fisheye zoom ruins that weapon. If first zoom was reflex that weapon would be amazing. Sadly blasted zoom just makes it worse.
Geen Dec 26, 2012 @ 10:17am 
The Betty Boom has ridiculous power and fits in a leg slot, you can gib a spec. ops in one shot with it. The Bosco is great for sneaking, and the GCTG is an ok sidearm until you get the BK.
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