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Secrets Achievements Guide
by TheKido
This guide show you how to get some secrets achievements in Sanctum. Credits : Sanctum of secrets , Silicon Sports , [url=
Explorer's Notes
by Comrade Ankh
Sanctum is a tower defense/FPS game, which doesn't seem like the kind of game where you can do some good exploring. However, the devs put a lot of fun secrets into the levels. You should probably just spend some time exploring the levels when you're bored...
Strawberry Fishes
by ManiaCookie
This guide is shows how to get some of the achievements in Sanctum secrets....
by дядя Дима
Sanctum "Sweet Errungenschaft"
by Cybaerheavy
Ein kurzes Video das euch erklärt wie ihr an die sü0igkeiten kommt. ;P Das Video beginnt nach welle 19.auf der Map "Facility". Ihr könnt diesen Raum nur zwischen Welle 19 und 20 betreten. ;D Viel Glück und g.g.... euer Cybaer...
Rage Face Tutorial [Eng and PL]
by MegaRayman_PL
It's A little easter egg but its fun :) Its my first guide so dont hate Mały easter egg ale jest fajny :) To mój pierwszy poradnik więc nie wkużajcie się...