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mackyman Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:02am
How to submit a bug
We would really like to resolve all bugs we get in, but to do so, we need some more information than "My game doesn't work, solve it!".

Crash bugs

Gameplay bugs
  • Post a description of the bug
  • Post how to reproduce the bug
  • Post screenshots if you have to

When posting a log, paste the log into and post the url you get back.

To aquire a DxDiag, chose
"Start > Run" and type "DxDiag"
then press "Save All Information..." in the bottom of the window.
Post the content of this to and use attach the url to your post

Latest Log?
Goto "My Documents\My Games\Sanctum\SanctumGame\Logs". The logs is called Launch (.log if you have unhidden the file extensions), and might have other extension depending on how many logs there are.

Mail the latest .dmp?
You can find the .dmp file in the folder "My Documents\My Games\Sanctum\SanctumGame\Logs"
Sanctum > General Discussions > Topic Details